Less than 10-minutes, under $10 Valentine’s Day wreaths

20150214_150811I ended up working a lot this week and didn’t get around to making Valentine’s Day wreaths until today, yep Valentine’s Day. Luckily, they’ll make an easy transition to spring since they aren’t overly holiday-ish. To keep things simple and easy, being that I was on a time crunch and all, I combined pre-made embellishments with rustic-style wreaths.

20150214_150807 The wreaths I picked up in the dollar section of Target for $3 each. One was a little bent, but at $3 I can’t really complain. To go along with them, I also nabbed a pink felt flower for $1. The flower is attached to a clothespin which makes it easy to attach to the wreath.

20150214_150756I also picked up three-dimensional burlap floral stickers by Jolee’s Boutique. I had never seen them before, but I fell in love with them and the burlap matched the style of my felt flower. Plus, they were on sale for half off so $2.99 for each, with each containing two stickers. Score! In the floral section, I picked up some bright pink flowers for $5.99. Not on sale, but not horribly priced either.20150214_150842

For the first wreath, I used the pink flowers, pulling them into individual stems and then wedging those stems down into the grapevine wreath material. It took about five minutes and bam, I had a wreath.IMG_6408

For the second wreath, I attached the felt flower first, using the clothespin to hook onto the grapevine wreath material. Then, using the twisty tie attached to the back of each flower sticker to wrap around the grapevine, I added two cream flowers and two pink flowers. Again, five minutes later, I had a wreath. IMG_6401

And now both my front and back doors have a nice, festive pop of color on them all for less than $10 each. Happy Valentine’s Day!



Ron made dinner tonight for Valentine’s Day and it was amazing! From our cruises, I’ve developed a love for lobster. His definitely didn’t disappoint. He was so excited about it too because he’s never made it before. And the tilapia was awesome too. It was definitely a great Valentine’s Day meal. Yum!



It’s almost Valentine’s Day! I actually really like V-Day, not because I always had a valentine (far from it actually), but because it’s a day all about being kind to people and showing that you care. My parents were always really good at Valentine’s Day. They would surprise my sister and I with candy or stuffed animals, just something small to celebrate the holiday. Sometimes they would shop seperate, with my dad doing his own holiday shopping for mom and us. I don’t know that everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day with their children, but I’m glad my parents did and it’s a tradition I’ll carry on with my own future children. It just makes for a great holiday.



The Valentine’s Day decorating continues. Before the whole ER incident yesterday I picked up some new placemats and kitchen towels from Target. My old ones had gotten stained so I needed replacements. These are so much better too! They’re super cute. The other ones were heart-shaped and had shrunk a bit in the dryer. And in a weird way it’s kind of fitting that they have little hearts on them since we head to the cardiologist tomorrow. Or maybe that’s just more weird.



Ron and I de-Christmased the house today. We took down all of the decorations and the tree and packed them all away until next year. It’s amazing how much space there is when everything gets put away. Once everything was packed away, I put out some of the Valentine’s Day decorations. I know it’s a little early, but I don’t really have an in-between holiday to decorate for. But I did figure out what to do with my globe. For Christmas it was filled with ornaments. For Valentine’s Day I’ve put a candle in it surrounded by candy hearts. I think I already have an idea for Easter too.



So this is what happens when you accidently print on the wrong side of the paper. It actually looks kind of cool. I printed this picture for Ron’s Valentine’s Day card. I put the corrected one on the card and kept this one out. It’s kind of interesting. Happy Valentine’s Day!



Ron got us tickets to the Bobcats vs Wizards game for Valentine’s day. I’m super excited. We were planning on going to the game anyway, but these seats are super close to the court. Best Valentine’s gift ever! And, since the game isn’t until April, hopefully my Bobcats can get it together by then. Three and 24 is not cute by any means, but it’s better if I don’t get into that.



Valentine’s Day is coming up, in case anyone needed a reminder or hasn’t been to a store lately. These little guys are on my fridge in celebration of the holiday, although to be honest I decorated last month when I took down the Christmas tree. It wasn’t festive enough so I went straight from Christmas to Valentine’s. Next I guess I’ll either go spring or Easter.



Anyone who knows me or reads this blog knows I’m a sucker for the seasonal items. I love when stores flip their stock over according to holidays and seasons. So I was super excited to find that Valentine’s Day is in full display in the back of Target. Candy hearts, valentines, stuffed animals. I love it all. However this is also the time of year I go into spring mode when everyone else is still waiting for snow. I’m trying to keep that on the down low. But I don’t know how long that’ll work.