For the last night of our trip, Ron and I stopped in Bethlehem, PA. It’s about halfway from Massachusetts to home so it made for the perfect stop. We stayed at the Hyatt, mostly because it was within walking distance of shops and restaurants. After being in the car for more than 5 hours, it was nice to just park and walk to dinner. The hotel was amazing and we had a great dinner at Bethlehem Brew Works. The town was nice, but a little crazy because it’s Celtic Classic weekend, a massive three-day Celtic festival. I hear the area really gets into the spirit of Christmas though in accordance with its name.




Continuing with our Maine vacation, Ron and I took a harbor tour this morning via boat in Portland and, after visiting several places in the Old Port, visited Old Orchard Beach. The place was rather quiet, but looks like it could be rocking in the summer. It even has an amusement park right on the beach along with shops and restaurants on the pier. I’d definitely like to see what it looks like in the summer when everything is open and people are milling about. Although we learned today that the water rarely exceeds temperatures in the low 60’s so I doubt there’s a lot of swimming going on, even in July and August. I could probably be okay with that though since I mostly like to sit on the beach anyway and hardly ever get in the water during our annual week in the Outer Banks. I’d rather soak up the sun than fight waves.



We’re in Maine! Today, Ron and I headed from New Haven, CT to Portland, ME. We’re staying just outside the city and are pretty centrally located to check out some of the nearby towns. Today, we visited Kennebunk Port and had lunch at the Maine Dinner before heading to Scarborough, Cape Elizabeth, South Portland and Freeport. We haven’t decided what we’ll do tomorrow, but I hear there’s a lifesize chocolate moose that will definitely earn a visit.



Ron and I are officially on vacation! We’re not taking a cruise this year, opting instead to spend time in coastal New England. Tonight we’re in New Haven and tomorrow we head to Portland. It’s a little chilly up here, but absolutely gorgeous and I’m sure we’ll have a great time. I’m praying for safe travels and a great trip and feeling so blessed to be taking this vacation. I can’t wait to see some whales and eat some lobster.



Today was our last official day at the beach. I had an absolutely amazing time. We all got along really well and had a ton of fun building memories. I have a few bruises, broke a chair and am a little burnt, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Over the course of a week I learned to wobble, got my dance on, watched “Under the Dome” in an in-house theater, played volleyball, watched my nephews and nieces begin their love of the beach, got a whistle, learned Texas Hold Em and a gazillion beads and had an all around great time. I’m so grateful and blessed to have taken this vacation and I’m praying for safe travels for not only us, but all those who will be leaving the beach tomorrow and also those who are just beginning their vacations. Hope they have a great vacation like I did.




Sorry, a little late with yesterday’s blog. Yesterday was a great beach day. Mostly sunny, but with a nice breeze, although my feet did get rather burnt. I guess I forgot to put sunscreen on them. After a full day at the beach, it was Ron and I’s turn to cook with his sister and our brother-in-law. We made amazing tacos, which I have to admit is one of my favorite meals at the beach. Post dinner, it was time for go-karts. The kids always have one night where they go out and ride and last night was that night. The adults don’t really get into it, unless it’s to ride the small ones around who aren’t yet tall enough to drive. However, back a few years ago, we would get into it too much. There was this rinky dink, run down track where you could pretty much get away with anything. The foreign woman would totally jack your change if you weren’t paying attention, but you could bump into each other and really get into. Sadly, it closed down and we haven’t gotten into go-karts since, but I think next year I’m going to push for an adult only ride. Granted, we might be thrown off the track with as many competitive streaks as we have between us. What’s that saying? “Rubbing is racing son.”



Today was steak and seafood day! We always have one dinner where we purchase local seafood and pair it up with steak or chicken for the non-seafood eaters. It was pretty good and I still have leftovers for tomorrow.



The weather today was amazing from the start! Sunny and bright with absolutely no rain. Fabulous! They’re calling for a storm tomorrow so we’ll see how it goes, but hopefully we’ll be able to catch some sun before it hits.



The day started off cloudy with a little rain, but we stuck it out and the sun finally emerged. It turned out to be a  great beach day. Hopefully tomorrow’s weather will be consistently sunny, but either way I’m still thankful, greatful and blessed to be at the beach.