Thanksgiving is coming! Have you bought your bird? Planned the menu? Invited your family? I feel like people don’t stress out about Thanksgiving like they do Christmas. Christmas is the biggest holiday of the year but I wonder if it’s always been that way. Hundreds of years ago maybe Thanksgiving was the bigger deal. You never know.



And the first Thanksgiving dinner is done. The SCA at the high school in the county where I work hosts a community Thanksgiving each year. They operate it as a fundraiser, raising money for a different cause each time. This year, the money went towards purchasing a handicap accessible van for two local brothers. I stopped by, snapped a few photos and picked up two meals to go. Amazing! The give you so much food, it all tastes great and you’re helping the community. Perfect Thanksgiving.



Thanksgiving dinner is done. Now I’m standing in Walmart waiting for the black Friday sale to start. Crazy! Since it starts at 10 pm there are all these people here who have never black Friday shopped before. This could get ugly. I’m going to get my stuff and roll.


This is my fun little turkey that I have hanging from the chandelier-ish lamp in my living room. I’ll probably take him down this weekend during the Thanksgiving to Christmas conversion, so I thought I would get his picture first. The real picture for today should have been the amazing deer I saw on the way home. She was standing right next to the road in someone’s front yard, about 25 feet from their front door. She saw me coming and just stood there staring at me. I let her go across the road, not really wanting her to decide to move when I drove by, and she just took her time walking across before she entered another yard between two houses. Pretty crazy how calm she was considering it’s hunting season, but hanging out in people’s front yards in town is a good way to avoid being someone’s “prize” of the day. After that, it was pretty much animal planet all the way home. I saw a fox, a raccoon, an opossum, a cat, some unidentified animal because it ran across the road too fast, and then four more deer. I started to worry that I had crossed into the twilight zone and when I got home there would be mice washing my dishes, ala Cinderella style. But really, how sweet would that be? I think I’ve been watching too ¬†much “Once Upon a Time”….


Today I helped serve Thanksgiving dinner at church. It was a good time of fellowship with friends and family. Plus, my second Thanksgiving dinner is now complete. Two down, two to go.



For work today, I had to cover a community Thanksgiving. Each year, the SCA puts on the dinner with the proceeds benefiting a different charity. This year proceeds went to a student’s family that has cystic fibrosis. It was a great cause and the food was amazing. Hands down the best macaroni and cheese I’ve ever had.



In the spirit of Thanksgiving I added some fall leaves and a scarecrow to the top of my cabinets. I wish I had a mantlepiece to decorate, but since I don’t, I have to make do with the cabinets.


I wasn’t aware you had to dress a certain way to shop at the dollar store. Since Halloween is officially over, I decided to switch my decorations over from spooky cats and pumpkins to fall leaves and turkeys. In my quest for Thanksgiving items, I went to the dollar store. Now, when I was younger my mother shopped at the dollar store, not because that was all we could afford, but because of the unique items you can find there. She used to buy a certain type of chicken for chicken salads, peanuts for holiday parties and seasonal items, like pumpkin paper lanterns. She still does. Naturally, I followed suit. I’ll go the dollar store for holiday napkins, holiday-themed ziploc bags, etc. So I’m in the dollar store today at the register and I, like the rest of America, use my debit card to pay for my whopping $5.25 purchase. After swiping my card, the cashier asks me “Debit or Credit?” I said “credit” and that’s when it went weird. This blonde woman behind me, who had to be in her 40’s, with her daughter I might add, said very loudly, “At the dollar store. It must be an epidemic.” Are you serious? And it’s not like she thought she was funny. Oh no, the way she said it had “I’m a big loudmouth bitch” oozing out of it. I’m not sure what it was about me that offended her so much. Was it my Ugg boots, that I received as a Christmas gift from my husband several years ago; my Coach bag, that I purchased at a massive discount at the outlet for my birthday; or the Vera Bradley chain purse I pulled my card out of? Because if I have those things, I must be just over my head in massive credit card debt, right? If she had any brains about her, not to mention class, she would know that just because you say “credit,” it still comes out of your checking account. That’s why it’s called a debit card. I wasn’t aware that I had to be of a certain stature to shop at the dollar store. By stature, I mean rude, classless, loud and abrasive. The poor cashier had no idea what to say and told me to “have a nice day.” I smiled sweetly and replied “you too,” and left. Had I been in a worse mood, I probably would have said something, but just because she wants to teach her daughter that its okay to act like that in public, doesn’t mean I have to. And, it’s a really good thing I took my North Face off before I went in the store or she really would have had a fit.