Target Couponing Tips

My name is Gracie and I’m addicted to Target. No, seriously, I really am. I make weekly visits, the free sample ladies know me and offer up extra coupon books…it’s a little crazy.


Not that crazy…

The real reason I shop at Target, besides the fact the I love it, is I can save some serious money there. How? Let me share some Target Tips:

  • Manufacturer coupons: These are the coupons you find in the Sunday morning paper. You can also find them online at and occasionally stuck to items in the store.
  • Store coupons: Target is amazing about store coupons. You can print them from home by visiting You can also occasionally find them in store on the weekends at the free sample tables (stop by around 11 a.m. because that’s usually when they’re out). You can also get them in the form of Catalinas, which is a coupon that prints at the register. There’s no way to ensure you’ll get a Catalina so think of them as little bonus surprises when you check out. Target store coupons are also available via mobile. Text OFFERS to 827438 to receive coupons as they come out, usually around every two weeks or so.


How to work the coupons at Target:

  1. Manufacturer coupons and store coupons can be used on the same item. What does this mean? If you have a $1 off one manufacturer coupon and a $1 off one store coupon, you can use both of them on the same item to save $2 off that item. This is important and a great way to get items super cheap. When I have a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon that go together, I paperclip them to each other, that way I won’t forget I have two.


  1. CARTWHEEL CARTWHEEL CARTWHEEL! If you haven’t already, visit and sign up. Cartwheel is a free mobile app, also available via the web, that allows you to save offers to a list. Those offers saved are added to your personal barcode which is then scanned at checkout to apply the savings. So let’s say you’re buying a pack of Post-Its and you see on Cartwheel an offer for 5% off Post-Its. You would then save that offer to your Cartwheel and have the cashier scan your barcode at checkout to save the 5%. Another note, most Target stores now offer free wi-fi so you can Cartwheel in the store as you’re going down the aisle. The app also has a barcode scanning feature which allows you to scan the barcode of an item to see if any Cartwheel offers match
  2. This is important so pay attention. On any one item, you can use a manufacturer coupon, a store coupon (mobile or printed) and Cartwheel. So if we go back to that previous example where you saved $1 with a manufacturer coupon and a $1 with a store coupon, you can then save an additional percentage with Cartwheel if there’s an applicable offer.  There are some limitations to this sometimes. For instance, Proctor & Gamble loves to limit their coupons to four like items in any purchase, so you’re not extreme couponing the Crest. Usually, it isn’t an issue, but it’s always a good idea to have a copy of the store’s coupon policy on hand. I’ve used this on Black Friday for price matching because sometimes you have to (nicely!) educate someone who works in the store. They don’t all know the coupon policy word for word and I don’t expect them to. Target’s coupon policy can be found here.


Bonus ways to save:

  • On top of your manufacturer coupon, store coupon and Cartwheel offer, you can use your Redcard to save an additional 5% on your purchase. Don’t want a credit card? The Redcard is also available in the form of a debit card that links directly to your checking account.
  • Each reusable bag you use earns you an additional 5 cent savings at checkout. Yes, it’s only 5 cents, but it helps.
  • If you get your prescriptions filled at Target, get a free Pharmacy Rewards Card. For every five prescriptions you fill, Target will send you a bonus 5% off coupon. This coupon can be used on top of your Redcard savings.

Do you see why I love Target now? Other things to remember, please be nice to your cashier and don’t go all Extreme Couponers on them if they have trouble with your coupons. If you’re nice to them, they’ll be nice to you and are much more likely to press that glorious override button to pass that troublesome coupon through.

Don't act like this

Don’t act like this

Also, sign up for some couponing blogs. These blogs are run by super couponers who love to share the deals they find. My personal favorites are Sea of Savings, Freebies 2 Deals and Totally Target. With the last one, the guy usually posts the upcoming Target sales add Friday or Saturday before it’s released on Sunday. This can prove to be very helpful as a new sale begins every Sunday at Target.

Now get out there and save yourself some money.




Target gave out the best free samples today! If you didn’t already know, Sundays at Target are free sample days. Starting usually around 11ish, they have mobile kitchens set up and offer all sorts of samples, I’m guessing until they run out. Today was the best I’ve seen in a long time. They gave out miniature Lindt chocolate rabbits and coupon books for Easter. Amazing! And yes, I’m probably more excited about these than I should be, but I love freebies and I’m super appreciative of things like this.



The Valentine’s Day decorating continues. Before the whole ER incident yesterday I picked up some new placemats and kitchen towels from Target. My old ones had gotten stained so I needed replacements. These are so much better too! They’re super cute. The other ones were heart-shaped and had shrunk a bit in the dryer. And in a weird way it’s kind of fitting that they have little hearts on them since we head to the cardiologist tomorrow. Or maybe that’s just more weird.



I don’t know what it is but I love Black Friday shopping. I think it’s something to do with shopping at a weird time and the excitement and chaos. And I love finding a great deal. I’m like that woman on the Walmart commercial that gets super excited when she gets the great deal. I don’t want to pay more for anything than I have to.



I’m hooked on these things. I received a free sample as part of a Target Beauty Bag and after I used them, I decided they were with buying. Using a coupon, of course, I purchased them. They’re so convienent, especially after the gym or in the morning.



I had the house to myself tonight so I decided to get some Pinterest organization projects done. I made a “kitchen command center” which is basically an organizer for all the stuff that finds its way to the kitchen table. I couldn’t find the file box that I wanted so I made one out of a priority mail box. Inside are folders to seperate out bills, coupons, etc. On the front is a calendar to keep track of appointments, birthdays, due dates, etc. I absolutely love calendars and have multiple ones that I use daily. I also keep a planner in my purse that I use religiously. In addition to the command center, I also organized my makeup brushes and other pieces into these super cute little boxes I found for $0.99 each at Joanns. In addition, I made a reusable grocery checklist and stuck it to the fridge. It uses white board markers so I can wipe it off and reuse it week to week. Earlier today when I was shopping for my project supplies, I nabbed some awesome deals at Target. I had coupons for certain brands of apparel and was able to match those up with clearance finds. Target has tons of clearance clothes and shoes right now. I guess they are trying to make room for fall stuff so now is a great time to go if you’re looking for deals. Overall today was a pretty successful day and that was after working all day. To finish it off, I just finished watching a completely ridiculous “scary” movie with Buddy and now it’s off to bed in my nice clean sheets, which I washed today. Yay!



My summer Target Beauty Bag came in the mail today! These little cosmetic bags are awesome. They’re filled with tons of free samples and coupons. This is the second one I’ve gotten. A few weeks ago I received the spring beauty bag. They can be hard to score though. You have to sign up via Target Style on Facebook and there are only a certain amount available so you have to act pretty quick. I think all of the summer ones are gone, but there may be a fall one available in a few months.



I scored a great deal on sunscreen today. Target has Banana Boat and Coppertone on sale for about $7 each. Plus, when you buy two, you get a $5 giftcard. I had some stackable coupons that were just waiting for something like this. With the four sunscreens, it was approximately $27. Then I had four $1 off Target coupons, which brought it down to $23. Plus, I had four $1 off manufacturer coupons, bringing it down to $19. Plus, I received two $5 gift cards (one of which wouldn’t ring up right so I actually got two $3 error vouchers, so basically a $6 gift card instead of the $5 one). That brings it down to about $8. With all the exact amounts (and not the estimates used here because my reciept is in the other room) I got each bottle for $1.86. Amazing!



Today, my free Target beauty bag came in the mail. Last month, Target was giving the bags away via its Target Style Facebook page. I was able to sign up for one before the maximum number was handed out. The bag contained a ton of free samples along with some great coupons. I’m so glad I was able to get one. I saw that they were being offered again earlier this week, but they went pretty fast. I’m not sure if they’ll be offered again but you could check the sample spot section of the Target website and the Target Style Facebook page.



On Sunday, Target gave away free reusable bags in celebration of Earth Day. They run out pretty fast and since Ron and I were traveling back from Emerald Isle, we didn’t get to Target in time to get one. However, I did get a free Gud sample and two sweet coupon books with tons of great Target coupons. The one also had some recipes in it that I plan to try out. Coupons and free samples excite me.