I can’t believe that summer is pretty much over. I feel like it went by so fast and now fall will be here in less than three weeks. That’s crazy. I’m hoping for a long fall and a short winter. Just get me back to spring. I’m not a cold weather person.



The weather today was amazing from the start! Sunny and bright with absolutely no rain. Fabulous! They’re calling for a storm tomorrow so we’ll see how it goes, but hopefully we’ll be able to catch some sun before it hits.



I love summer. I’m a summer girl, but this is getting a little crazy. We’re trapped in a heat wave that doesn’t show any signs of breaking. I can’t help but feel bad for the people who work outside, those without a/c and those still dealing with the aftermath of Friday’s derecho. I hate rain, but I’m thinking a rainy day might be nice to cool it off a bit.



Summer is back! Unofficially of course. I love this time of year. It’s nice outside, the pool is open, I can soak up some sun, etc. I don’t care for the snakes, bees and storms but you have to take the good with the bad. Poor Buddy though; I think he’s already feeling the dog days of summer. The hot weather and his curly coat don’t mix. I’m going to see about getting him an appointment to get groomed. Maybe if we shave his coat down, he’ll be more of a summer dog. And, thank you to all those currently serving or who have served our country. I appreciate all you do or have done. Freedom isn’t free.


I feel like I went away in summer and came back to fall. Yesterday I was sweating in Charleston and now today it’s cooler and rainy. Apparently it has been raining off and on here for days. I’m glad I was able to trade that for sun and warmth. And fall isn’t that bad. There’s the pumpkin patch and Howl-O-Scream. The real thing I don’t like about fall is that it leads to winter. I’m not much on cold weather. At least winter brings spring which leads to summer. See how that works?



I have tons of beach pictures to go through! The problem is, when I upload pictures I like them to be in chronological order, but since I used three different cameras on vacation, its a little confusing to figure out the right order. Plus, one of the camera’s clocks is set wrong so the time and date is off on those pictures. Luckily, if I do it soon enough, I should be able to remember what happened when.



It’s so hot outside and the heat wave is supposed to continue through the weekend. I like summer though so I’m not complaining. Plus, this is day 200! Only 165 days of the year left. Crazy!


I love my end of the school year photo assignments. Field day today, one tomorrow and two more next week. I just wish it wasn’t so hot. It may be kind of embarrassing if the photographer flops in front of a hundred or so elementary school children.


The view from when I walked out of my school board meeting. A welcome sight, since for the last several months of meetings I’d walk out in the dark. So glad summer is here. Although, I have to admit I kind of wish I was school age or even in college again. The idea of getting ready to have a¬†whole summer off, even with a summer job, would be amazing. Suddenly thinking I should’ve added education to my english major. I could be embarking on three months of doing absolutely nothing. Now, granted, I’m not very good at doing nothing so really it would be three months of fulfilling hobbies, things I want to do but never have the time. I could spend the summer at the pool, or as a gym rat, or cook a new recipe everyday (something I fully intend to embark on as soon as I get the time) or finally catch up on my scrapbooking. The possibilities are endless, but sadly, while others are out soaking up the sun, I’m going to be stuck at work all summer. Doing the same thing I do the rest of the year.