There’s really nothing prettier than snow covered trees against a bright, blue sky. I didn’t have time to take a bunch of photos this morning like I would have wanted to, but I did have time to snap this quick one. By the time I got home most of the snow had melted. That’s fine with me though. I’m ready for spring.



Okay so the forecast was for snow showers turning over into rain. That didn’t happen. It started snowing and it didn’t stop. There was about a half-inch on the ground when I left work. When I got home it was more rain and sleet than snow. Oh well.



When I got to work this morning there was snow on the ground. It wasn’t even an inch, but rather more like some left over flurries. I’m not complaining though. I’m not a big fan of snow. Everyone lately has been complaining because there hasn’t been any snow, but I know if everyone was suddenly snowed in those same people would be complaining about it. I’m perfectly fine with no snow, but if it has to happen I’d prefer it to be like this. Just enough to cover the ground without causing any problems.


How is it that last week it was warm and sunny with bright blue skies and this morning I get up to find ice on my car? It’s really no wonder that so many people are sick; the weather keeps changing. I can’t wait until it gets warm and bright and blue and stays that way. I’m ready for winter to be done. Although, I do have to say, today it snowed off and on all day and I actually didn’t mind it. It was just light little flakes with no accumulation. That’s my kind of snow.


I wake up, get ready for work and go outside to find what? Oh yeah, more snow. And bonus, my car somehow slid off the driveway and got stuck. So work from home it was, again. One day is kind of nice, but two in a row isn’t. Especially when you were all ready to go and probably everyone else in the area was able to get out. At least my car is now unstuck as of 5:30 p.m. I really hope Punxsutawney Phil doesn’t see his shadow Wednesday because I could really use a quick spring. Six more weeks of winter is too dreadful to even think about.


Oh goodie, more snow. I can’t wait until spring. Winter weather is great when you’re a kid and snow equals a day off. And I guess it’s probably great when you have a job where you get off work for snow, not because you just can’t make it there, but rather because your entire place of employment shuts down. If you’re like most people though, snow means you either suck it up and risk everything to get to where you have to be or you take the day off and work from home. Either way, snow does not equal a day off.