Finally a glimpse of sun. After nothing but rain and storms since Monday, I was so excited when I came out of my meeting tonight to find a sunset. I can’t even imagine how Noah felt.



Rainy days are sometimes the worst. Since the a/c has already been turned on, you freeze and rainy days make me hungry. I didn’t take enough food to work and I didn’t want to go out in the rain so I was just hungry all day. I tried to find some snacks in my desk, but let’s say they were less than fresh. Then it starts monsooning as soon as I go to leave. I’m a sunny day type of person–something Buddy and I have in common. At least the rain was probably good for my garden Ron and I planted yesterday.



I don’t know if it was today’s constant colossal downpour or what, but Equi decided to pretend like it was brand new again. Even though Santa Fe washes my car often, including windows, today an imprint of the window sticker began to show up on the window. It makes you wonder how well they really wash it.



All it did today was rain. All it’s supposed to do tomorrow is rain. Yuck. I realize yesterday was Labor Day, but come on. Technically, summer doesn’t end until Sept. 21 when fall starts. Let’s try to hold off on the 62 degree rainy days please.



Driving home the sky was a crazy combination of a variety of colors. I guess off in one direction the rain clouds were clearing as the sun was setting. In a different direction it was still storming and lightning could be seen off in the distance. Then in the middle it was still raining. Crazy.


A rainbow! Sadly, this picture doesn’t do it justice. And, there was an even better rainbow further down the road, but I couldn’t get a picture of it without holding up traffic, getting hit or running off the road. This one will just have to do.


This is what I got to drive to work in this morning. Rain, rain and more rain. With a little lightning and thunder mixed in, of course. I don’t really mind rain, but this was ridiculous. There was so much water on the road that everything was flooding. I felt like I was going to be one of those people you see on the news that tried to go through water and ended up floating down the road. Because that wouldn’t be embarrassing at all. I can’t imagine what the people near the Mississippi river are dealing with right now. Here I am worried about heavy rain and everything they have is under water. Hope the flooding ends soon.