Buddy absolutely loves snow. He hates rain, but anytime it snows he wants to go outside. He would have been happier if we had gotten the original amount that forecasters called for, but at least he got a little bit to play in (it had snowed more than this by the second time he went out). Although, I have to admit that I was kind of looking forward to a snow day.



Ron made me muffins today and not just any muffins, but rather blueberry gluten-free muffins. I’ve always had gastrointestinal issues from childhood on. I recently started researching gluten insensitivity and many of the symptoms fit with my issues so I decided to try 60 days gluten-free. If I can tell a difference I’ll continue on with it past the 60 days. If not, I’ll try a different elimination-style diet. I’ve only been gluten-free for a week, but so far so good. The only real problem I’ve had is with breakfast. Most breakfast foods include some form of wheat, rye or barley. They make gluten-free waffles and pancakes, but I don’t really like either, so hopefully these muffins will help fix that.



Buddy is sacked out. Ron and I took him to my parents house so he spent hours running around, checking everything out. My mom recently has shoulder surgery so we spent the day visiting with her and my dad. With work, it’s hard to get there during the week, but she seems to be healing and it was nice spending time there.



Ron and I de-Christmased the house today. We took down all of the decorations and the tree and packed them all away until next year. It’s amazing how much space there is when everything gets put away. Once everything was packed away, I put out some of the Valentine’s Day decorations. I know it’s a little early, but I don’t really have an in-between holiday to decorate for. But I did figure out what to do with my globe. For Christmas it was filled with ornaments. For Valentine’s Day I’ve put a candle in it surrounded by candy hearts. I think I already have an idea for Easter too.



That would be a cow, out of the fence. I wanted to find the farmer to tell him his cows were out, but I couldn’t tell exactly where the house was. His neighbors have a gate so that wasn’t an option. I’m guessing someone was able to tell him or he noticed, because the problem seemed to be fixed by the time I drove back by this evening.



Do you ever have those things at the holidays that you meant to do, but ran out of time? I try to pack a lot into the holidays, but there always seems to be something I didn’t get to. This is an example of one of those things. Ron and I have made a gingerbread house every year for the past five years, but this year we didn’t get around to it. I guess we’ll have to make a winter-themed gingerbread house to make up for it and also because I have no where to store this thing until next year.



I bought these awesome canisters at And That yesterday for next to nothing. They’re glass, but they have a chalkboard plate on them so you can write what’s in them. I got this one which has a metal lid and then a smaller one with a glass lid. I haven’t figured out what I’m going to put in them yet, but they look so good I might just leave them empty.


2013-01-01 21.54.19

2012. What an amazing year. Ron and I adopted Buddy; visited Washington, D.C. and the Zoo during the Cherry Blossom Festival; learned how awesome Emerald Isle is; visited Nags Head; experienced Mexico and the Western Caribbean while celebrating our second anniversary; enjoyed Skyline Drive during the peak foliage time; and visited Charleston twice. I also upgraded my much loved XTi; made friends with a South American Sea Lion named Ting; celebrated many holidays with family members; made some amazing new recipes and desserts; reconnected with some friends; and won awards for photography from the local fair. I definitely feel like I was blessed this year and I’m so grateful for that. I can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store. Whatever it is, I’m sure with the right attitude and a littleĀ optimism and grace, it’ll be wonderful.