I picked up my fair entries and ribbons today! I entered 11 photos in various categories with eight earning ribbons. I never actually expected to win any ribbons; I just wanted to enter for fun. Imagine my surprise when I walk away with two firsts, three seconds and three thirds plus almost $60 in premiums. Amazing! I feel so blessed and am absolutely honored to have won anything. I wish I had a photo of the Best in Show winner because her photo was awesome. It was a black and white of a little girl and a dog having a “conversation” in front of a window. Simple concept but amazing execution. She definitely deserved to win. Now that l’ve successfully entered the local fair, I think I might enter the state fair this fall. The competition is stiffer and the categories are a little differently , but I think it’ll be a fun experience.



Yesterday we went to Otani to celebrate Ron’s brother Rhen’s birthday. His birthday actually isn’t until the end of the month, but he was home from college this past week and won’t be here for his birthday. Today, Rhen and his girlfriend, Erin, went back to college after Spring Break so he got his birthday card early. I created it using a picture from Ron and I’s wedding. I love the picture, it’s one of my favorites and I like the idea of making cards using photos. So happy almost birthday Rhen!


I ordered some more photos from Snapfish, about 600 more. They really should give me shares in the company or at least some free prints. A few of the prints I ordered were for new frames I picked up on sale at Target. When Ron and I got back from our honeymoon last year, I put up pictures from the trip so I thought I’d do the same thing for this trip. I put these up yesterday and I really like them. It adds something to the somewhat bare walls, although I still have a ton of other open spaces that would look better with something on them. I’ll have to think about what will work.



I got my 310 pictures in the mail today from snapfish. Sadly they were in no particular order so it took about an hour to get them straight. Oh well. At least I used a coupon code that dropped the price down to one cent each. The rest was all shipping. Still $25 for 310 prints isn’t bad. Its way cheaper than printing them all on my vampire HP.


For dinner tonight, I had Danny’s Pizza. It’s always so good and I haven’t had it in a while so I was pretty excited. In other news, I’ve been battling it out with my HP printer. While it’s a great printer, and prints wirelessly which is kind of cool, it sucks ink like a vampire. And not an Edward Cullen-Angel vampire, but more like one of those horror movie evil types. I just can’t figure it out. Why in the world would a photo printer only be able to print approximately 50 photos on one ink cartridge? Are you kidding me HP? I used to have a Kodak and I absolutely loved it. It printed amazing photos and the ink was super cheap and lasted a decent time. Unfortunately, it developed some sort of crazy banding problem so I replaced it with the HP. Big mistake! I’m thinking about hooking back up the Kodak and trying to fix it, even if that means ordering and installing parts. In the meantime, I’ve discovered it’s actually cheaper for me to upload photos to Snapfish and use their print to store feature and pick up my pictures at Walmart. Because even at 13 cents each, that’s still cheaper than it costs to print them at home with the ink sucking HP.


Since I was basically stuck in the house all day, I decided to do a little decorating. I’ve had these frames for a while, I just hadn’t done anything with them. I still have one more to put up and two more like this, except white, that I need to put pictures in. The walls look better with something on them, but it’s kind of crazy that I’ve been here four months and I’m just now decorating.