I had such a great time capturing the wedding of these two. The ceremony and reception were gorgeous and their families were so fun. Plus the DIY details were amazing. I can’t wait to go through the thousands of photos from tonight. I love a good wedding! Congrats Kassey and Daniel!



So many photos so little time. I have a ton of pictures to go through from March to now. I just recently finished February so I’m getting there, just slowly. I’m also in the middle of building a new website so I’m selecting photos for that as well. I’ll get through them all, hopefully sooner rather later.



Guess who’s done with the wedding photos from Saturday’s wedding? This girl! It only took me basically all week, but I finally went through every photo and narrowed them down, choosing the best of the 1,500. Yay!



I shot a beautiful outdoor wedding today with a friend. It was amazing. The weather was nice, but a little cold for late-May. Everyone still seemed to have a good time though and the bride looked great. I love outdoor weddings because they’re a little more laidback and I feel like they’re also a little more creative. There were some great DIY touches at this wedding with the centerpieces, favors and more. I love DIY. I think it adds a little something extra rather than just having the same store bought decorations that everyone else has. And now I still have two days left to my weekend. Happy almost Memorial Day and congrats to the bride and groom!



Ron and I finally hung up my canvas tonight. I’ve been looking for something to fill the empty space between the two wardrobes behind our bed for a long time, really since I first got the wardrobes and had a similar room set-up in my old townhouse years ago. The canvas is perfect. It’s large enough without being overwhelmingly big and it features a great photo I took during our last Charleston trip. It’s a photo of a harbor at sunset that was in front of our hotel. It printed a little darker than the photo actually is, but I still love it.



I found my film camera today, which is in great condition still, and lo and behold it had film still in it! I have no idea what is on the roll so I’m super excited to have it developed. The last time I can remember using the camera was around February 2007 so it has to be from sometime between then and December 2007 when I got my first dslr. With the camera were three other completed rolls so I’m curious about those too. I’m going to try to find a place to take them for developing tomorrow. I’m not sure if anywhere still does it so we’ll see. I think most people have gone digital, but there’s still something exciting about film especially when you find it years later undeveloped.



I shot a pageant tonight for work, my second consecutive year doing so, and I have to say I love it. It took me a couple shots to warm up and get my settings straight, but once I was on, I was on. And I love it! Moments like these really solidify my talent. I tend to self doubt, but going out and rocking an event gives me confidence in my work. Especially at something like this, where you’re dealing with stage lighting. This isn’t something you can go auto on. You really have to know what you’re doing and how to make your camera work in the situation. I’m a crazy over shooter, so I have 533 photos from the roughly two-hour event but I can say at least 90 percent of them are usable if not more. And that’s straight out of the camera. I feel like if I have to spend time editing a photo, I didn’t do my job correctly to begin with. A terrible photo isn’t going to become amazing by fiddling with it for an hour on the computer. It has to be great to begin with. Editing should be minor and should only add to the photo, not change it or “fix it.” This isn’t my favorite, but since they’re for work, I can’t really share my favorites. They would take up far too much space for one post anyway.




We left the beach early this morning and headed home. This afternoon I went to the local fair with my mom to see the animals and see how my pictures fared. I did pretty well, receiving a few first, second and third places. Out of 11 photos, nine ribboned, two didn’t and I couldn’t find one of them. I’d call that a success. We also played some games and met up with my grandparents, who were also playing games. All in all, it was a pretty great day, but I’m super exhausted from traveling and the heat at the fair. Time for bed.



My underwater camera came today, just in time for the beach. I decided to go with the Panasonic Lumix TS20 because it had good ratings and was pretty inexpensive. I’ve only taken maybe three pictures with it so I really need to sit down and read all about the waterproof part. I figured if I got it now I could test it out at the beach and have time to return it if something goes wrong before our cruise at the end of September. I wanted something to get some underwater shots so we’ll see how it goes.



The local agricultural fair begins this weekend so I spent the evening getting my photography entries ready. I’m entering 11 photos and it’s the first time I’ve ever entered any so I’m not quite sure what I’m doing. In my defense the instructions could be a little better, but hopefully I did everything right. The only thing I’m unsure of is I can’t drop them off myself because I have to work so Ron is doing it for me. I hope they don’t have a problem with that. Everything is labeled on the back and I included the entry form so it shouldn’t be a problem.