So I promise all of those leaves were not there yesterday. It’s like someone shook them of the trees in the middle of the night. I actually took this picture this morning and by the time I got home from work, the amount of leaves had doubled. And, there’s still more left to fall. I guess winter is really coming.



Even though some of the leaves have already turned brown and fallen, I found this perfect fall picture today. My aunt and uncle own a campground, the site of my first job, and there the leaves are amazing. I don’t know if its because its in a bottom or what but it seems like over the last week the colors have really come out. It’s crazy!


I saw this tree as I was coming out a meeting for work. I like how it has different colors in it that seem to fade into each other, almost as if a child had colored it using crayons. I figured the next time I see it the leaves will be falling, so I should snap a photo of it while I can.