Is there anything better than a bowl of green mint chocolate chip? I’ve been wanting some for weeks and finally bought a container of it at the grocery store on Sunday. And, since I went to the gym tonight, I made myself a bowl. Yum!



Okay the box of cones said mini, not fun size. What the heck am I supposed to do with these? I guess they might make a top hat for a turkey cupcake or something at Thanksgiving, but they definitely won’t satisfy my craving for an ice cream cone. To make do, tonight I crushed up these three in a bowl and added ice cream on top, but it wasn’t the same. Not even close.



OK so my TCBY fro-yo Strawberry Swirl bar was super hard when I got it out of the freezer. And I mean like a block of ice, you can’t bite into it hard. Usually they are pretty soft and melt everywhere, hence the bowl. I thought I would microwave it for a few secs and soften it up. Why I thought 50 seconds was a reasonable time I don’t know. This is what I was left with. A slightly steaming bowl of strawberry swirl mush. Needless to say I had go start over again. The second one was the usual soft, melty bar. Go figure.



Ron and I had to go out tonight to take a movie back to the blockbuster box. I didn’t want to pay an additional night for Chipwrecked. Yes, that is what we rented, with a free code of course. Don’t judge. While at the grocery store, where the box is located, we picked up little baby Skinny Cow ice cream cups. The picture makes it look big, but it’s actually tiny, probably about the size of a regular scoop. I guess that’s how they keep it skinny.



Ron and I are involved in a biggest loser type competition but Sundays are cheat days. I still try not to eat too bad, but I couldn’t resist the Klondike bar. I don’t even like chocolate that much, but I love a Klondike. I think it goes back to elementary school when I could buy a Brown Mule during ice cream time. Klondikes are basically square Brown Mules. And they’re amazing!


Mmkay, so I’m all for healthier eating. That being said, I’ve been trying different low-fat ice cream brands. The Skinny Cow Mint? Not my favorite. I’m so happy to almost be finished with them so I can go back to my Slim-a-Bear. But, I have to ask, why the animal names? Skinny COW? Slim-a-BEAR? Does the manufacturer really think these names will make people feel good about themselves and want to eat them? Do they think people want to be referred to as a skinny cow or a slim bear? Yeah, I don’t think so….