The tulips I picked Sunday have opened. One has opened a little too much and has a droopy problem. I’m not sure if he has issues or if it’s because we only have one sunlight source and maybe he’s trying to bend towards it. I think my favorite is probably the yellow and red tulip, but they’re all beautiful. Best $12 I ever spent.


I went to the tulip festival today with my mom and sister. I’d been once before, but this was their first time going. The festival is a great way to remind yourself that the dreariness of winter is far behind. There were lots of other people there, some picking flowers and others enjoying a picnic. While some of the tulips in the field hadn’t bloomed yet, many had and I enjoyed picking from among them. I left with plenty of pictures and 12 tulips of all different colors. Mom picked more and my sister picked less, but it was a great way to spend time with family. And, with Easter next weekend, it was nice to be outside amongst the flowers, especially since right now I can’t really grow my own. Spring is really here, flowers and all.


Ron brought me home flowers and a movie today for our dating anniversary. I love daisies and these are a St. Patrick’s Day mix with white, yellow and lime green flowers. I’m glad I’m the type of person who has someone that’ll bring home flowers randomly. I definitely feel blessed. It’s the little things in life that matter like fresh flowers. He actually had already put them in a vase in my usual place for flowers so I didn’t actually see them until he pointed them out. For a reporter, that wasn’t very observant of me. Love you boo!


Whether your Valentine today was your spouse, your significant other, your parents, your children or your friends, I hope you had an amazing holiday. Happy Valentine’s Day. And, now everything is half off. Stock up! 🙂


So the penny didn’t work (see 34.365). I love fresh flowers, but it’s so annoying when they die quickly. Last night I tried to change the water and recut them, but I don’t know that it helped at all. They’re drooping and have dropped some petals. Good thing they were only $5 at Walmart. Maybe I’ll go buy some more…


I finally got my spring flowers. Five dollars at Walmart. My cashier, who said she used to work in a florist, told me to put a penny in the bottom of the vase to make them last longer. I did it and I’ve had them since Wednesday. They still look great. I’m just excited to finally have fresh spring flowers again. Just one more sign that winter is almost over.