Less than 10-minutes, under $10 Valentine’s Day wreaths

20150214_150811I ended up working a lot this week and didn’t get around to making Valentine’s Day wreaths until today, yep Valentine’s Day. Luckily, they’ll make an easy transition to spring since they aren’t overly holiday-ish. To keep things simple and easy, being that I was on a time crunch and all, I combined pre-made embellishments with rustic-style wreaths.

20150214_150807 The wreaths I picked up in the dollar section of Target for $3 each. One was a little bent, but at $3 I can’t really complain. To go along with them, I also nabbed a pink felt flower for $1. The flower is attached to a clothespin which makes it easy to attach to the wreath.

20150214_150756I also picked up three-dimensional burlap floral stickers by Jolee’s Boutique. I had never seen them before, but I fell in love with them and the burlap matched the style of my felt flower. Plus, they were on sale for half off so $2.99 for each, with each containing two stickers. Score! In the floral section, I picked up some bright pink flowers for $5.99. Not on sale, but not horribly priced either.20150214_150842

For the first wreath, I used the pink flowers, pulling them into individual stems and then wedging those stems down into the grapevine wreath material. It took about five minutes and bam, I had a wreath.IMG_6408

For the second wreath, I attached the felt flower first, using the clothespin to hook onto the grapevine wreath material. Then, using the twisty tie attached to the back of each flower sticker to wrap around the grapevine, I added two cream flowers and two pink flowers. Again, five minutes later, I had a wreath. IMG_6401

And now both my front and back doors have a nice, festive pop of color on them all for less than $10 each. Happy Valentine’s Day!



Ron brought me these flowers for our anniversary before we left for vacation and when we got home today, more than a week later, they’re still gorgeous.  I don’t know where he got them from, but he definitely got his money’s worth.



On my way to work, I noticed a corn field has been taken over by flowers. It’s a sight to see and I kind of feel bad for the farmer because while pretty, the flowers can’t be good for his corn crop. They’ve taken over the corn stalks, winding up and down throughout the field purple, lavender and white. They’re gorgeous and unexpected since all you expect to see in a corn field is corn. I imagine someone will start some sort of eradication project soon though in an effort to save the corn.



My tulips I picked yesterday are looking great. I kept them fairly long so I can trim them later to make sure they’re getting plenty of water. Tulips drink a lot of water and fresh cut stems draw up more water which I’m hoping will help them live longer.



I finally made it back to the tulip festival. The last time I went was two years ago so I was excited to make it back and on the last weekend no less. There were still tons of tulips left for picking and the show garden was in full bloom. Everything was delayed because of the late snow last month so I’m sure that helped drag out the blooming time. Apparently the owners are going to replant the space with sunflowers and other flowers for summer picking so maybe I’ll make a trip back in a couple of months.



I think my tulips know that it snowed this week. They closed up on Monday and haven’t opened since. It could also be the lack of natural light since we live in a basement apartment and have only a small window. Maybe they can get some sunshine tomorrow and reopen.



My African Violet is blooming! It almost died a few weeks ago, but I was able to save it. After that, it bloomed a really deep purple bloom and now other blooms are starting to open. The new ones are a lot lighter, so I’m wondering if they’ll get the same color as the original one. It’s really pretty though and I’m glad it survived.



I know they’re techincally weeds, but I’ve always loved these little purple flowers. They randomly pop in yards in the first few weeks of spring and I think they’re really pretty. They’re the kind of flowers you pick for your mom when you’re little. I like simple flowers more than complex, fancy ones.


My lovely organic tulips are officially…dead. I guess it’s time to replace them with something else. Sadly, I doubt it will be tulips since the recent heat and storms have likely killed them all. Maybe I can find a nice Gerber Daisy bouquet to replace them.