Is it just me or is Jillian Michaels kind of scary? Her workouts are okay, but they are a little boring. I do them every now and then, alternating between different things. I don’t know. I’m just not crazy about them. Anyone else feel the same way?



It was back to the gym today for this girl. I hadn’t been since October. Call it laziness or just being busy, but I really slacked off after Ron and I’s big Sept-Oct vacation last year. I kept eating fairly well, but I stopped going to the gym and tracking my food so now I’m getting back to both. I’m back to using MyFitnessPal to keep track of food and exercise and tonight I went back to my old Step class. I really enjoyed it and I was suprised how well I remembered everything after not being there for months. I’m going to try to go again next week and hopefully add in some more classes and home workouts as well. I’ve got to get my uber-high cholesterol down before my retest in March.



Now that my OnDemand is working I’ve decided to try some of the fitness TV offerings. Tonight I tried “Abs & Ass,” which was alright. The abs part was better than the ass, but I still can’t do a side plank to save my life. Then I tried Denise Austin’s “Cardio Fat Blast.” It really is some serious cardio but she’s so annoying. I don’t know if it’s her perkiness or her perfect hair, which you know they probably had to fix a million times during taping. It could also be her words of encouragement which include “because you deserve it.” I think I need to try some sort of boot camp Celebrity Fit Club style. There should be a workout where the trainer barks at you and swears the whole time. Anger would be more motivating than “let’s go girls” from perky, perky, blondie, blondie.



Earlier this year, I was doing really well with the gym thing. I was going at least twice a week for an hour each time and I was also exercising at home. Then I took a cruise and with it a vacation from the gym. That vacation has lasted almost six weeks. Now it’s time to get back on it, but six weeks is a long vacation to come back from. I now have to redo a lot of what I already did before I can build on it. In the meantime I’m going to look like a big spaz until I can get back in shape. Ugh! I will definitely think twice about taking such a long hiatus again.


I made it to Zumba today. I usually go on Wednesdays, but can’t make it to class Saturday morning because of other obligations or no one to go with. Both Ron and Brittney were able to go today, and my aunt Sue was there, so I was more than game. I like Zumba. It’s a workout, but it’s a fun workout. Granted, sometimes I get a little confused, but it’s still fun and I can usually recover and figure out what I’m doing. After Zumba, I ran some errands (needed clothes for the gym and they were on sale) and then went to a birthday party for a friend. It was a really good time and the food was amazing. Now, time to watch Secretariat.


I signed up with My Fitness Pal yesterday after seeing an article on Guiliana Rancic’s site, FabFitFun. It’s basically this thing that tracks your nutritional intake, compares it to how much you should be intaking to obtain a goal of your choosing and also tracks your exercise. I’ve never really paid attention to what I’ve eaten before so this is interesting. When I had to do something similar in health case, I would always just make something up. Yesterday I really blew past my goal. Stupid Sheetz. Today, I came much closer to obtaining it. I wonder if I actually will. I guess I’ll see.


Ron and I have been doing this EA Active thing for two weeks. It’s set up to be four days on and three days off; four days that you have to participate and three days to “rest.” It started off pretty simple and has progressively gotten more intense, but there are some games involved. Occasionally you get to play basketball or soccer, box, mountain bike or skateboard. There’s also lots of running, lunges, squats and some crunches involved. According to the game, which uses a heart monitor and a motion sensor, I’ve burned more than 1,000 calories in eight workouts which range from 25-33 minutes. I guess that’s not bad. I also hit up a Zumba class yesterday and played kickball the Sunday before last, so I’m getting in other exercise. I’d like to add in some yoga as well if I could find a good program and I’m going to start integrating my dvds back into the routine. Because really, swimsuit season is almost upon us.


Today I started a new exercise program. I wish I had time to go to the gym during the week or even on the weekend, but right now I don’t so hopefully this will help fill the gap. I’m at least going to give it a shot even though exercising to the television makes me feel a little silly. Summer is coming and I’m feeling a little flabby. I know some people might think that I’m being crazy, but it’s just the way I feel. I’ve gained about 10 pounds since September, and while I’m still under 130 and within a healthy BMI, I feel awful. I’m not completely crazy. I know some women out there would kill to be under 130, but when you’ve been under 120 your entire life, it really knocks you for a loop. Plus, spring is coming, followed by summer and that’s not a time when you want to feel bigger than usual. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with this and also find some time to hit the gym and run or something. Exercise is healthy and I’d like to be healthy now because I’m sure it will affect me later in life if I just blow it off. Now if I could just block out the bag of Mini Eggs sitting in the cabinet. Crap.