Christmas has arrived! Today Ron and I put up our tree and decorated for Christmas. We have a pretty cool Hallmark ornament this year. It’s called “Deck the House” and it lights up and goes crazy, playing music and flashing. We also added a few new ornaments this year from our trips we took. We always pick up an ornament everywhere we go so we have some new ones from Mexico, Honduras, Belize, Beaufort, Charleston and Skyline Drive. Our tree is kind of like a scrapbook in tree-form.



It’s official. I finally put up my Halloween stuff tonight. I know I’m kind of late since Halloween isn’t that far away, but I was still trying to hold onto summer. I guess now I’ll embrace fall although I have to say I’m not loving these cold mornings. And im definitely not looking forward to winter. But at least I still have my tan.



Valentine’s Day is coming up, in case anyone needed a reminder or hasn’t been to a store lately. These little guys are on my fridge in celebration of the holiday, although to be honest I decorated last month when I took down the Christmas tree. It wasn’t festive enough so I went straight from Christmas to Valentine’s. Next I guess I’ll either go spring or Easter.


Ron said it was weird to be taking a picture in the restaurant, but the place we eat at, Ledo’s, has the cutest reindeer as part of their holiday display. I love them. Also, I really appreciate any business that dresses itself up for the holidays. Since being at the beach last weekend, I’ve noticed that all the businesses down there are super festive and have tons of lights and decorations, whereas here at home very few have anything up at all. It’s kind of depressing. Maybe they fear that they’ll turn off their non-Christian customers, but I think that’s crap. It’s Christmas. If I’m not trying to decorate you, why should you care if I decorate my business?  I’m not offended by menorahs and dreidels. Ramadan doesn’t make me angry and I support Kwanzaa, so don’t knock on Christmas lights. Isn’t our country based on religious freedom? Let’s not lose sight of that. Merry Christmas!


It’s nice visiting the beach around Christmastime. Everything is decorated. There’s a tree on the dunes, all the businesses are draped in lights and there’s special holiday events happening. Tonight, Ron and I went to the Elizabethan Gardens, which is basically these outdoor gardens that have been drenched in lights for Christmas. It was beautiful and I bet the gardens are amazing in the spring when everything is in bloom. On the way back, I saw this church from the road. Their manger scene is one of the coolest I’ve seen yet.



Yesterday I found this awesome tree snowglobe at Kohl’s. It has a pretty white glittery bottom and it’s battery powered. When you turn it on, it lights up and a blower blows the snow and glitter around inside as the colors change. Because it’s clear, the snowglobe makes a cool rotating design on the ceiling. I paid less than $20 for it and it’s awesome. It’s definitely a great find.



Meet my scarecrow friend. Ron picked him out last year. And I know he wears a girly hat, but for some reason he still seems more like a he. And the other one above my cabinets, though she has on overalls, seems more like a she. Go figure.



In the spirit of Thanksgiving I added some fall leaves and a scarecrow to the top of my cabinets. I wish I had a mantlepiece to decorate, but since I don’t, I have to make do with the cabinets.