DIY: Fourth of July: Glittery Frames

20140627_232751I’m still counting my way down to the fabulous fourth, so here’s another festive and fun DIY project to get you in the mood for hotdogs and fireworks.

In my first post I showed you how to make a festive door hanger. Now, I’m going to show you how to make some awesomely festive glittery picture frames.

You will need:

  • Two 5×7 picture frames (I already had these thanks to a large set I purchased a few years ago at a Target Black Friday sale, but any 5×7 frames will do)
  • One piece each of red and blue glittery scrapbook paper (I found mine at AC Moore for 99 cents each, but most craft stores will have some variation on it in their scrapbook section)
  • 20140627_231242A paper cutter (I have the Fiskars 12 Inch Portable Cutter and I love it! It has rulers on both sides so you know how large the piece of paper you’re cutting is, plus guides on the cutting board itself so you can easily see if you’re creating a 5×7, 4×6, etc. As a little side tip, I had the Cricut 12 Inch cutter before purchasing the Fiskars one and it never quite worked right)
  • Glue or scrapbook paper adhesive (I like the EZ Runners. Each craft store usually has their own brand that is similar, or you can buy a two pack for $9 on Amazon. Each has about 28 feet of tape so they last a while)
  • Two 4×6 printable designs (I got mine free from Hostess with the Mostess, but there are tons out there. Just google “fourth of july printables,” design your own or search Pinterest)
  • White card stock (Amazon has a pack of 100 sheets for $9)
  • Computer and printer


  • Start out by printing off your chosen designs. Make sure you print them 4×6. Two should fit on one piece of card stock.
  • Using your paper cutter, carefully cut out your designs and set them aside.
  • Using your paper cutter, cut each piece of glittery paper into a 5X7 rectangle. Be sure they measure exactly 5×7 or they won’t fit in the picture frames and will require additional trimming.
  • 20140627_231535With your first design, which you’ve cut into a 4×6, center it on the 5×7 glittery rectangle. Adhere it to the rectangle using glue or scrapbook paper adhesive. I used scrapbook adhesive, running it around all of the edges of the back of the 4×6 design. It takes more than a few dots to make it stick to the glittery paper.
  • Repeat the previous step using the second 4×6 design and the second 5×7 glittery rectangle.
  • Once both designs have been attached to their glittery counterparts, open the photo frames and place each design in them. Note, the frames may need to be cleaned first with glass cleaner as new frames are sometimes fairly dirty inside.
  • Close the frames, wipe off any fingerprints on the glass and place each in the perfect location around your home.
  • Viola! Another fun, festive project complete.20140628_000727

DIY: Fourth of July: Festive Door Hanger

20140627_235727It’s almost the fourth of July! I love summer holidays. There’s just something about getting together with family and friends, snacking on a bunless hotdog (gluten free at barbecues is a challenge so you make do), and fireworks that make me excited. It also doesn’t hurt that summer is my all time favorite season. So, to gear up for the fabulous fourth, I’ve been DIYing like a crazy person. Seriously, overnight my apartment went from spring/summer-ish to patriotic passion.

I want to share some of the fun, so each day leading up the fourth I’m going to share a different festive DIY project. Up first, is this awesomesauce door hanger. I had been looking at ones in the craft stores and they just didn’t have what I was looking for. Many of them were sort of vintage patriotic and I’m not a huge fan of that, plus, they were expensive, so I made my own.

20140627_205413Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Three large wooden stars (I found mine at AC Moore for a $1 each)
  • Three small wooden stars (50 cents each at AC Moore; If you don’t have an AC Moore nearby, you can also use Amazon. They have a variety pack with both small and large for $4.90 so pretty close to what I paid)
  • One small bottle each of red and blue acrylic paint (59 cents each at AC Moore or Amazon has DecoArt acrylic paint for 99 cents each)
  • One white paint pen (I already had this from a previous project, but you can typically find them for a few dollars at a craft store or $3.99 at Amazon)
  • Patriotic ribbon (I used two different designs, both of which I found on sale at AC Moore)
  • Thumbtacks
  • 20140627_215708Aileen’s Tacky Glue (I can not say enough good things about this glue. I always have it on-hand and have used it for a wide variety of projects. Most craft stores carry it, but Amazon has the 16-ounce for $3.88 which is a great price since it’s usually closer to $7)


  • Start by painting the large wooden stars with a coat of blue paint. While they’re drying, paint the small stars with a coat of red paint. Put a second coat on both. Depending on your paint and your stars, a third coat may be needed. If necessary, apply a third coat and let dry.
  • Using the white paint pen, draw one letter each on the small stars (U-S-A). If necessary, trace over the letters to apply a second coat.
  • 20140627_222557When dry, apply tacky glue to the back of the U star and glue it onto the large star, placing it in the center. Repeat for the additional two letters, centering each on a separate large star.
  • Cut the first ribbon design into two even pieces. Also cut one longer piece.
  • Using the ribbon, attach one of the even pieces onto the top of the A star. Secure it with both glue and a thumbtack to the back of the star.
  • Attach the top of the same ribbon, using both glue and a thumbtack, to the back of the bottom of the S star.
  • Using the second even piece of ribbon, attach it with both glue and a thumbtack, to the back of the top of the S star.
  • 20140627_235639Attach the top of the same ribbon, using both glue and a thumbtack, to the back of the bottom of the A star.
  • With the slightly longer ribbon, attach the end, again glue and thumbtack, to the back of the top of the A star.
  • Take the top of the same ribbon and form it into a loop, attaching it to the back of the top of the A star.
  • With the second ribbon design, tie a bow through the loop to hang the hanger up. I used a 3m hook and stuck the knot of the bow through the hook part of the 3m hook.
  • Stand back and admire your patriotic masterpiece. Happy almost fourth of July you DIY diva you.



I finally decorated for Halloween! With my crazy schedule I hadn’t had time to clean so I could decorate. I hate decorating without cleaning so when Ron had a work function tonight I used that time to get stuff done. Now everything is nice, clean and spooky.



Ron and I finally hung up my canvas tonight. I’ve been looking for something to fill the empty space between the two wardrobes behind our bed for a long time, really since I first got the wardrobes and had a similar room set-up in my old townhouse years ago. The canvas is perfect. It’s large enough without being overwhelmingly big and it features a great photo I took during our last Charleston trip. It’s a photo of a harbor at sunset that was in front of our hotel. It printed a little darker than the photo actually is, but I still love it.



Taste the rainbow? I needed something to put in my globe for St. Patrick’s Day so I made a rainbow display using skittles and gold coins. That’s what the holiday is all about. Rainbows and gold. And leprechauns, but I didn’t really have one of those anywhere. Now if I can just keep peoplw from eating the top layer of the rainbow…



Okay so I see all of these things online geared towards easily switching out pictures. There are frames with clothespins, cork boards and magnetic DIY options. But I mean, when should you switch out your photos? Is there something wrong about having old pictures setting/hanging around? I like having framed pictures around, but I usually don’t switch them out. Once they’re ip, they stay there. I don’t pop open the frame and switch out the picture. If I want to display a new photo I just add a new frame. I could see taking down an ex’s picture or something, but I don’t have that problem. Im curious as to what other people do. Do you switch out your photos with new ones?



The Valentine’s Day decorating continues. Before the whole ER incident yesterday I picked up some new placemats and kitchen towels from Target. My old ones had gotten stained so I needed replacements. These are so much better too! They’re super cute. The other ones were heart-shaped and had shrunk a bit in the dryer. And in a weird way it’s kind of fitting that they have little hearts on them since we head to the cardiologist tomorrow. Or maybe that’s just more weird.



Ron and I de-Christmased the house today. We took down all of the decorations and the tree and packed them all away until next year. It’s amazing how much space there is when everything gets put away. Once everything was packed away, I put out some of the Valentine’s Day decorations. I know it’s a little early, but I don’t really have an in-between holiday to decorate for. But I did figure out what to do with my globe. For Christmas it was filled with ornaments. For Valentine’s Day I’ve put a candle in it surrounded by candy hearts. I think I already have an idea for Easter too.



I found the cutest Easter placemats at Target. Sadly, Buddy chewed a small hole in one so I’ll probably have to replace it, but it’s not too bad. I just think they’re super festive and springy. And, bonus, they’re only $3 each. Score!