Knowing we were going on vacation and would be gone for almost two weeks, Ron and I didn’t do any grocery shopping. We just ate pretty much everything we had, so today it was time to restock. When I got off work, I went to the grocery store and stocked up on everything–lunchmeat, bread, milk, snacks, vegetables, etc. It’s so nice to have food again and not have to eat peanut butter and jelly everyday for lunch. I used coupons and kind of mapped out what I planned to buy. As a result, with things on sale and using coupons, I saved just under $35. I got tons of food, and some more expensive things like shampoo and body wash, for $112. That’s way more than I usually spend at the grocery store, but I tend to go once a week and just pick up a few things that we need. This is the first time I’ve really done any actual food shopping, expect for right after we got married. If all goes well, I shouldn’t need to go to the grocery store for a few weeks. We’ll see.



As I mentioned a few posts ago, I recently got a new bag as a belated birthday gift. I hate spending money on stuff like this, but it was on sale and I got an extra 30% off. Basically, I got the crossbody bag I needed for our vacation for free so I really couldn’t hate on that. But I was in Joanns today and one of the workers walked by. She said “hmm, a purple coach bag. How nice.” I’m not sure how she meant it because it sounded a little smart. I’m not one to count anyone’s money and I feel like that’s what she was doing. Like she was judging me for my bag. I’m sure she didn’t know I got it at a factory store on sale with an extra coupon. It’s like a few months ago when I went into a Coach store, non-factory, and the sales clerk looked at my then bag and said “That’s an outlet bag.” Really? That’s your commission going down the drain because you obviously don’t get the clerk-customer relationship. Let’s not judge a person by their bag, mmkay? Or anything else they have that for that matter.