Today was uber productive. I was able to get my cleaning down, take down the Halloween stuff and put up the fall stuff. I’ll probably switch it out with Christmas stuff the Saturday or Sunday after Thanksgiving. Decorating for Christmas is a lot of work so the longer it can stay up the better. And we have Buddy this year and I have a feeling he’s a Christmas dog so I’m sure the longer he can schmooze the Christmas decorations the better.



Today was a productive Saturday. I went to the post office, Zumba, visited my mom at work and had lunch with Ron before coming home, playing Pictureka with Bri and cleaning out the kitchen closet. I should have taken a before picture to give this context, but it’s so much better than before. Then Ron and I went to visit my parents and pick up my trunk that my mom lined (picture to come). Then we went to Target, picked up dinner and came home. My post is 45 minutes late because I was getting my coupons straight for grocery shopping tomorrow. I had a massive stack that I hadn’t gotten through, so Ron helped me cut. Thanks boo!



I finally took my new vacuum out of the box. I got it for Christmas from my parents and I’m pretty excited about it. It works great and even though I woke up sick today I was able to get most of my cleaning done. I still have some more to do tomorrow, but not too much left.



Ron and I haven’t put away anything from Christmas yet. To be honest, we just haven’t had the time. Christmas Day was super busy, along with the day after and then today we both had to work. However, my seven day weekend officially began tonight at 6 p.m. so I’ll have plenty of time to catch up on everything. I want to try out my new vacuum, clean, put away Christmas gifts, get everything organized and digitize some old pictures. I’m excited to get everything done. I always like the time after Christmas and into January because it’s a time for getting organized and making a clean slate for the new year. Plus all the good stuff goes on sale like healthy food. I can’t wait.



I don’t do spiders! Tonight, while I was watching television, a massive spider called across the floor. I tried to kill it with a book but that thing took a licking and kept on ticking. The only thing I had in the cabinet was carpet cleaner so I tried spraying it with that, but it only got stunned. Needless to say I’m not sure where the spider went. Then I look overhead and the fixture has been taken over by spider webs. Augh! I cleaned that and still no spider. I really hope he packed his little bags and moved out.



I got home early today so I decided to tackle the job of cleaning out the closet. It was okay except it took forever and a spider tried to befriend me. He doesn’t live in the closet anymore. Which I feel kinda bad about it, but he shouldn’t have dropped on me. I listed a ton of stuff on eBay so hopefully it all sells so I can get rid of it.



I cleaned out my purse this afternoon. Doesn’t everybody have this much stuff in their bag? I guess that’s the problem with a big bag. You can carry a lot of stuff, but you can also accumulate a lot of junk.


So how do you know when your car is beyond dirty? Probably when you feel embarrassed to take it to a mechanic. I sat in the driveway and collected all the trash in my car, put the cds back in their spot after they fell out all over the floor about two weeks ago and wiped down all the surfaces with Armor All wipes because I have a date with the transmission man in the morning. My plan was to get it washed today and vacuum it out, but then of course it rained so that didn’t happen. Instead, I had to opt for a quick clean and hope it’ll pass as clean. I don’t want to be labeled as a lazy car owner. The truth is, anyone who spends as much time in their car as I do has a dirty car. Mine was mostly full of receipts, straw paper, Sonic mints and sadly, a cheese wrapper. Yes, I did eat crackers and cheese one day on the way home. At least there wasn’t actual cheese in the car. Ew! I’ll take it tomorrow the way it is, have my evaluation which hopefully doesn’t include the phrase, “you need a new transmission,” and then hopefully have a chance to really clean it before I take it back, likely on Monday if it works out, for whatever needs to be done to it. At any rate, at least the mechanic won’t think I’m a Sheetz addict since I probably collected at least 10 receipts from under my seats.


Yesterday, when Ron and I went to Ikea, we  purchased some little odds and ends that we had been missing including pillows for the couch and some boxes to put blankets in under the couch. We also bought pretty, fancy Ikea colored napkins and a napkin holder. Then today, I found these amazing tablemats that match the napkins and our blue theme perfectly. I’ve been doing some major spring cleaning and this was only one step in the process. I’ve also been cleaning out the closet today, going through clothes finding things I don’t wear which I’ve put into lots and placed on Ebay. I figure if I want to get a few new items for spring, I should get rid of some old stuff first. I’m very into spring even though we’re supposed to get some sort of winter weather this week. Hopefully that will be the last of it. Then it’ll be all sunshine and flowers from here on out.


Went home to do a little cleaning today. Insane. No person should have this many pairs of flip-flops, and sadly, this isn’t even close to all of them. Some had already been shoved in a bag marked for Goodwill and others still awaited me at the apartment. And yes, some were brand new with the tags on them. I don’t know how, as humans, we accumulate so much stuff. Would I be just as happy without a rainbow of flip-flops from all different companies? Yes. Would my closet be happier? Definitely yes. I’m going to try, and I say try, to clear out some of the clutter. Rid myself of some of the material things that I never use and, admittedly, didn’t know I even had. I can’t promise I’ll stick to it, because new Old Navy flip-flops are nice, but I’m going to try.