Okay so I forgot to snap a photo today. Well actually I snapped some on my camera, but forgot to upload them. So here’s a photo of my current activity. Watching tv before bed. Today was a long day with work and then a cookout with some friends at church. We’re starting to get a great young adult group which is awesome. Everyone is different with some who have young children and some, like Ron and I, who don’t. We all seem to get along really well and tonight we cooked out and played volleyball, cornhole and basketball. I think everyone had a great time which is nice.



Know anything about famine? The youth at my church do. They spent weeks learning about famine before participating in World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine this weekend. For every $30 donated, a child in need is fed and cared for. It’s a pretty great cause. For more information look up World Vision’s site.



There’s something fantastic about children’s Christmas plays. Each one usually features some variation of the Christmas story with wise men, kings, shepherds, Mary and Joseph, barnyard animals and angels. There’s always that child who doesn’t want to be there and the little animal that gets too restless for the stage. There’s also the Mary and Joseph who don’t really want to be associated with one another because of cooties or whatever, but they’ve found themselves stuck together playing the most influential couple in Biblical history. And that’s what it’s all about. Audience members aren’t looking for a Bette Midler, Oscar winning production. They’re looking to be entertained. They’re looking to see cute children in costumes that don’t fit quite right and restless toddlers in barnyard animal suits. It’s a parental photo op dream that will surely haunt these children later in life, perhaps showing up in a senior ad in their high school yearbook. So kudos to the children who are brave enough to put themselves out there. We’ve all been there and your children will be there as well. It isn’t about how well you delivered your lines or if you forgot the words to a song right in the middle of it; it’s about being a part of a tradition that came long before you and will continue long after you. It isn’t Christmas without the children’s Christmas play and each of you deserve a round of applause for being a part of it and making the effort to portray the Christmas story in a new way.



Today was homecoming at church. There was amazing food and dessert and the return of a few familiar, but not see in a while, faces. It’s always a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon and it’s nice to know that you can always go home again.


My church is holding Vacation Bible School this week and tonight, I went to take pictures of all the children. The pictures will become part of their Samaritan’s Purse boxes, which the children fill up with toiletries and other goodies for needy children around the globe. The theme of VBS this year is “Amazing Wonders” and features amazing locations throughout the world like Mt. Vesuvius, the Northern Lights, etc. This is one of the rooms which is themed like a shipwreck. The entrance of the room is done like a ship and the back of the room is decorated like the ocean. A lot of time and effort goes into making VBS a special experience for the children that attend and it seems like they are really having a great time and learning a lot.


Tonight, the children at church put on their Christmas play.  I only caught the second half since I had an event to cover for work, but they did an awesome job. I remember not too long ago when I was up there in the Christmas program, playing the role of Mary year after year. It’s nice to see that with all of the new technology and crazy things kids get into now that some traditions never die.


It’s nice visiting the beach around Christmastime. Everything is decorated. There’s a tree on the dunes, all the businesses are draped in lights and there’s special holiday events happening. Tonight, Ron and I went to the Elizabethan Gardens, which is basically these outdoor gardens that have been drenched in lights for Christmas. It was beautiful and I bet the gardens are amazing in the spring when everything is in bloom. On the way back, I saw this church from the road. Their manger scene is one of the coolest I’ve seen yet.


Today I helped serve Thanksgiving dinner at church. It was a good time of fellowship with friends and family. Plus, my second Thanksgiving dinner is now complete. Two down, two to go.


I have to say this meeting went better than the last one. Most people acted with respect which is what should be done. We may not all agree on an issue, but we should be able to disagree respectively, both to the other people in the room and to the room that we’re in. That being said, the journalist in me wants more information. I want to know why people keep defending someone when they, too, are in the same room and could easily defend themselves. Is it a noble act? Are they trying to show that they are above it all? Are they not a good public speaker? Or does it speak to guilt? I’m not judging anyone, I’m just curious. It would seem to me that if someone had done nothing wrong and all the accusations brought against them were false, that they would be shouting their innocence from the roof tops. So why not do it? I don’t get it.



I pass this sign everyday on the way to and from work. It’s pretty clever and I like the clever church signs. Because really, shouldn’t a church’s sign be more than just an advertisement for the church? It offers such an easy, low cost, no fuss way to provide a thought provoking message. Don’t you think that would bring more people to God (which should be a church’s ultimate goal) than just posting hours of operation?