I made Ron peppermint bark yesterday and let it set in the fridge overnight. When I got home from work tonight I broke it into pieces, which isn’t the easy thing after it’s gotten super cold in the fridge. It didn’t turn out too bad though. I think last year’s was a little prettier, but I haven’t heard any complaints.



Cadbury has finally answered my wish. I can now get Mini Eggs twice a year. And while they leave something to be desired because they aren’t pastel and egg shaped, they’ll do. Christmas candy just got better.


It’s finally here! Happy Halloween! It seems like this holiday took forever to get here and a busy one it was. I covered a court case, worked all day, covered a town’s Halloween celebration and then helped out with my church’s Trunk or Treat. And that’s all before coming home and doing more work. But, even with all the craziness, I still really enjoyed Halloween. It’s such a great holiday. The decorations are fun, the candy is great, there’s lots of activities to choose from and everyone dresses as something they aren’t. It’s just a fun holiday that brings out the child in us all. Plus, now I can take down my Halloween decorations and replace them with my Thanksgiving stuff. And then it’s on to the best holiday of all, Black Friday! What, you thought I was going to say Christmas? That comes later.



Ron found his pumpkins finally. We only went pretty much everywhere to find them, but he was so excited when he did. And now he’s already ate quite a few so I’m sure we’ll be hunting them down again soon.



Ron has decided he wants to be a hot dog for Halloween. He made this desicion in the middle of Target and then proceeded to try the costume on in the store. A fellow shopper congratulated him on his choice so I’m thinking it’s a winning costume. Target has just started putting out its Halloween stuff and Walmart is doing the same. Like me, Ron loves holiday candy and has spent several days trying to hunt down candy corn pumpkins. We found them once but that bag is now gone. I guess you could say we’re on the hunt for the great pumpkin, Linus style.


There is no better candy than holiday candy. Sweethearts. Mini Eggs. Peeps. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, which for those not up to speed on the laws of holiday candy, means anything to do with the holiday is going to go on rapid sale. As in it will probably be sold out in two days or less. This means all those Valentine shelves will magically turn into Easter shelves. This means Mini Eggs and Peeps. I can’t wait!