I picked up another library book today, even though I haven’t read the other two. I placed a bunch of hold requests at one time, thinking they would take longer to come in. Unfortunately, they’re all coming in at the same time. I guess I have a lot of reading to do before the 29th, when they’re all due.



Anyone read this book? I’ve heard it’s pretty good, but I haven’t started it yet. I got it from the library to read at the beach, but I didn’t finish the book I’m already reading, “Keeping Faith.” Once I finish that one, I may try this one if I can renew it instead of accruing tons of fines. When is food for fines week again? 🙂



Okay so I’m only a few pages into “Mockingjay,” and I have a feeling I’m not going to like the way this all ends. I can’t get too far into it without spoiling anything for anyone who hasn’t read the previous books, but I’m starting to become really annoyed with Katniss. Where is the girl on fire from the first two books? In the second book she spends a decent amount of time self loathing, but I think it’s about to get worse. All of these people think she’s a leader, but she can’t even figure out who to choose between Gale and Peeta. She’s becoming a whiner and I’m starting to be over the whole thing. She better get it together and redeem herself or she’s going to be on my list of lame female boom characters right under Savannah from “Dear John.” At least that movie corrected the problem, sort of. Maybe the movie version of “Mockingjay” will have to do the same.


Okay, so I finished the Hunger Games last week and saw the movie over the weekend. Now I’ve moved on to book two. I had to wait until Sunday to start it so I could download it for free from Amazon Prime. I haven’t had much time to read though so I’m only on chapter two. But seriously (spoiler alert) she still isn’t with Gale?!? And she has to go traipsing through the districts with lame ole Peeta?!? And it’s not like she can ditch him since President Snow is going to take out Gale and her whole family if she does. I have a prediction for this whole thing. I think someone is going to figure out that the districts are really some large area roped off in the middle of civilization. That’s why you can’t travel from district to district. Also there had to be a reason the one girl and boy were punished for trying to escape and why the districts are roped off from the woods with electric fences. This thing is going to end up very M. Night Shamalan’s “The Village.” A bunch of uber-oppressed people living on the cusp of civilization, but held too captive by their governing body to notice it.



I got some new books in the mail yesterday. I was originally going to buy them at a local bookstore, but they were too expensive, especially when I could order them online for way less. So I turned to my trusty Amazon and I ordered them at a lower price and got free shipping. I can’t wait to read them and will do so right after I finish the Food, Inc. book I borrowed from the library. I’d rather not get another sorta-lecture from the librarian regarding fines, which are only $3 and some change. If the library accepted anything other than cash they’d probably get more people to pay their fines. Not knowing I had any I didn’t have cash on me to pay them. And she was kind of loud about it, listing out the amounts and what the books were, so that didn’t exactly make me want to bend over backwards to pay them.



I started a new book recently. I’m hooked on Kristin Hannah lately. I started with Firefly Lane and then moved on to True Colors before starting this one. I liked the other two so I hope I like this one as well.


See that, page 305. I started the day off at 165. That’s what happens sometimes when you cover a court case for work. You end up reading more than you are listening mostly because the court is running behind, or like today, they close the court because it deals with minors. So then you sit outside and wait for a verdict that never comes. It’s pretty annoying, but at least I got caught up on my reading.


A few weeks ago, I decided to start a new book. I’ve seen books by this author, Kristin Hannah, basically everywhere so I figured I would give one a try. It’s pretty good and, with covering court cases for work lately, I’ve found more time to read. No matter what time the case you’re covering is supposed to begin, it never really does which allows for a little downtime.