Buddy’s new BarkBox came today. If you’re not familiar with BarkBox, it’s a mail order company which sends out boxes catering to dogs each month. Each box features a different variety of toys, treats and other dog-related items like shampoos and even the occasional cake mix. This is Buddy’s third box and he loves them. It’s like he knows the box is for him. This month’s box had an octopus toy, a bully stick and two different bags of treats.  So far, Buddy has tried the Superior Farms treats and he seemed to really like him. I think his favorite is the octopus though. It may have already lost a limb or two, which shows just how much he loves it. If you’re interested in BarkBox, check it out here. If you want to sign up, click here. Buddy will be happy you did, since he’ll get a free box added on to his subscription. Groupon also occasionally runs subscription deals, which is how Buddy got his subscription. They don’t have any specials right now, but I’d be surprised if they didn’t run one again at some point.



Buddy’s December BarkBox came today! I think this one was better than last month’s, although Buddy was pretty addicted to his antler chew. This month’s box includes a moose toy, red velvet dog cake mix, a bag of treats and oatmeal shampoo. Buddy has already made friends with the moose and I’ll make his cake sometime later this week. We haven’t tried the treats or shampoo yet. Maybe he’ll have a Christmas bath and we’ll try it out.



Buddy’s first Barkbox came yesterday! He’s super excited and if you notice, had already been playing non-stop with his Bionic Bone (the orange one in front). Barkbox is a subscription service which sends your dog a box of goodies each month. Each box, which is based on your dog’s size, features various items. This month’s box had two toys, two types of treats and some gift cards for dog stuff. I bought six months via Groupon at about $9 bucks a month. I think it’s usually around $17 a month. They run Groupons fairly often so if you want a discount, I’d snag one next time it pops up. I’m sure you’re pet will thank you.