Reviews You Can Use: Lunchblox

With back to school sales in full swing and some children having already started the new school year, lunch box options are everywhere. And even though I’m long out of school, I still pack my lunch (and sometimes dinner depending on my schedule) everyday so I’ve tried many of them. My favorite has to be the Rubbermaid LunchBlox. I have two sets of the entree ones that come with multiple containers and a few months ago I also picked up the salad one, which is the one seen in this post. The lunchblox brand is great because not only does everything fit together, but they also snap into their own ice trays to keep everything cold.
The salad lunchblox kit consists of a large square container with a three-compartment tray that fits into the top and a seperate container for condiments. I put lettuce in the bottom of the large container and then sit the tray on top of that. In the tray, I put cheese, chicken and bacon bits. Then I fill the seperate container with salad dressing and secure its lid before placing it in the tray on top of my cheese. Then I put the large container’s lid on and snap the whole thing into an ice tray which keeps everything cold. Plus, the seperate compartments allow me to take everything I need for my salad to work, but to not assemble it until I get there. That way everything stays intact and doesn’t get mushy or mixed together. It also fits inside my Thirty-One lunchbox with room to spare.
If you’re looking for a good salad option, you may want to check into the Rubbermaid LunchBlox salad kit. They also have other options including a sandwich kit and an entree kit.

I was not paid for this review nor did I receive this product free for review. This post represents my own experience with the product.

Making a House a Home: Flower garden

One of the things I wanted to accomplish after purchasing my first home with my husband last fall was renovating the flower beds. We have a long flower bed that goes down the side of the house, but it was looking fairly shabby. It had some fern-type bushes, which weren’t bad, but they were suffocating in about a foot of mulch. If you look in the first photo, you can see the mulch line on the foundation. It was like the previous owners just kept piling on mulch instead of doing actual work to the bed. This spring, I changed that.
Over several weekends thanks to weather and busy schedules, my husband dug out all of the mulch, taking the bed down to the dirt. Then, even though the bed had a liner down, we had to weed the whole thing and pick out plants.
I’ll be honest, I broke the bank on the plants. Using my trust Lowes’ card (5 percent off is 5 percent off) I spent probably a little over $100 picking out plants for both the flower bed/garden and some pots I’ll post about later. In the flower bed, I decided to keep the bushes and a gorgeous Crepe Myrtle at the end, which my mom trimmed, and added two types of perennials that should bush out fairly well over the new few years. Eventually, they should form an almost meadow-like feel. However, because they haven’t bushed out yet, I added a simple annual in the very front.
It all came together very well and everything seems to be growing nicely. Plus, the butterflies seem to really love it. I can’t wait to see what it looks like next spring. We just re-weeded everything and added additional mulch so it should be ready for fall.