Reviews You Can Use: Pure Silk Shaving Cream

20140704_110743Okay ladies, if you’re like me, you don’t waste your time with shaving cream. Why buy something extra when you can easily shave with a good body wash? I’m a shower shaver, if you’re not, I encourage you to look into it. The steam of the shower creates the perfect condition for a close shave. Plus, who has time to deal with the hassle of trying to shave in the sink?

download (2)

So, being someone who doesn’t purchase shaving cream (although I have been known to sneak my husband’s from time to time…) I was a little skeptical about trying the Pure Silk Shaving Cream I received from Influenster for testing. I’ll admit I left it in the box for a while before finally testing it out. How did I use it?


Sorry Britney, I’m not convinced. No, I went old school and took it to the legs. Unlike some other women’s shaving creams that come out a gel until you move them around, this one comes out the can as foam ready to go. That’s fairly fun because who can resist creating shaving cream animals? No, you can? Really? Okay…moving on…


The shaving cream worked really well, allowing me to get a nice clean shave while also moisturizing my skin. It wasn’t super messy either and had a great raspberry scent. Bottom line, I could live with it, but let’s be honest–I’m cheap and probably won’t justify the cost just for the raspberry scent, but you might. Try it out and see what you think. You may love it.



I received this item free from Influenster for testing purposes. I was not compensated for this review.

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