Reviews You Can Use: Battle of the Blades


Hydro, Glow, Soliel

As a BzzAgent, I recently had the opportunity to test out the new Bic Soleil Glow razor. I’m a  huge fan of the original Soleil, so I was more than excited to try it out. Incidentally, I also received a Schick Hydro razor sample in the mail. Perfect timing on that one Schick. What better way to check out the competition than reviewing both at once?

Let’s start with the Soleil Glow. The razor itself is similar in shape to the original Soleil with a handle that has a grip underneath for the palm of your hand and one on the top for your forefinger. Like its predecessor, the Glow also comes in nice pastel colors, perfect for summer. Men may like their black razors, but us women like them to be pretty. It is what it is.


Glow vs Soliel original

That’s where the comparison between the Soleil and Soleil Glow stops. The Glow features a swivel head, previously unseen in the original and also has a slightly larger blade setup. Both would be perfect if not for the large amount of plastic surrounding the blades. This one design flaw keeps the razor from being a true upgrade from its original form. Because the blades are set deep within, the plastic prevents a close shave. While great for a preteen girl just learning how to shave, it isn’t so great for us veterans. Every woman wants a close shave and that just isn’t possible with this razor.

Meanwhile, the Hydro excels where the Glow doesn’t. It’s slightly larger, but also features the swivel head and has a similar shape with grips underneath and on top. It also has a larger blade head which isn’t marred down with the unnecessary plastic of the Glow. It should be noted that the Hydro is a reusable, meaning the blade heads can be 20140604_213805switched out, whereas the Glow is a disposable. You use it up and toss it away. What does that mean? Razor heads are usually fairly expensive compared to disposables and I won’t pay the money for them. Once the Hydro’s blade is used up, I’ll be dropping it into a basket under the sink somewhere, likely never to be seen again. Don’t rejoice yet Glow fans, because I won’t be buying that one either. When it’s finished I’ll toss it in the trash and likely move back to its predecessor. It’s cheap and it works like a dream. Should Bic change the Glow then we’ll reevaluate, but until then, it’ll be the original all the way.

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