Jamming with Jamberry…

20140309_223801Last month, a friend contacted me about hosting a Jamberry party. She had just signed up as a consultant for the company, which specializes in nail wraps, and was looking for some friends to host parties. Having never used Jamberry before, I asked for a sample and agreed to host a virtual online party.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a “no muss no fuss” kind of girl. Please don’t ask me to spend hours, or really even minutes, doing anything that can even loosely be called primping. I need quick, fast and easy. Luckily, Jamberry met those guidelines.


Directly after application

Using nail scissors (which of course I don’t have so it was Fiskars all the way), you cut the wrap to match your nail and then apply it using heat. I used a hairdryer, which basically roasted my fingers, but it’s recommended that you use a nail dryer or even a sock filled with rice heated in the microwave. The latter is probably the method I’ll use in the future, because even though I got it on fairly easily, it wasn’t perfect and my OCD self could barely handle that.

Anyway, with my sassy pink nail wrap fully applied, I watched and waited. My consultant, Haley, put me to the test, asking for updates to see how long the wrap lasted. Surprisingly, it lasted nine days and probably would have lasted longer, but the Sally Hansen polish on my other nails was mad chipped and I just couldn’t take it anymore! The nail wrap¬†started to peel a little at about day seven, but I’m that’s likely due to my less than stellar application.


Seven days after application

Needless to say, I’m a Jamberry believer! It’s really easy and lets me have a sassy party nail with little fuss involved. Plus, while one sheet is $15, you can get multiple applications out of it. And the designs are pretty fun. Plus, I really like how you can host online parties versus the hassle of having a traditional product party and you can order online even without hosting, or being part of, a party. I was also really pleased with the shipping time. I placed an order on Tuesday evening and it was at my house by Friday afternoon. That’s almost Amazon Prime fast.

For more information about Jamberry, visit Haley’s website by clicking here. Happy Jamming!

I was not compensated for this review. It represents my own personal experience with the Jamberry line.