Things I’m obsessed with: Ebates

20140226_114650Almost two years ago, I signed up for Ebates and it was quite possibly the best decision ever! Ebates is a company that offers you cash back on your purchases at a more than 1,700 online stores. The stores cover a wide variety of interests and are places that you would be shopping at already–Groupon, Living Social, Target, Walmart, Macys, American Eagle, Sears, Snapfish, Amazon, Kohl’s, etc. Basically, you just go through the Ebates website and click on the store you want to shop at. The link then takes you to that online store where you make your purchase. Ebates then gives you a percentage back on that purchase.

Example: I want to buy some photo books from Snapfish. I visit the Ebates site and click on Snapfish. I design my books and checkout on the Snapfish website. Ebates then gives me 10 percent of my purchase subtotal back. So for a $35.00 purchase, I would get $3.50 added to my Ebates account. Plus, if it’s my first purchase using Ebates, I also get a $10 gift card to one of several stores, including Target and Macys. Bam! I just got cash back on a purchase that I was going to make anyway.

There’s no fee to use Ebates, the cash back is free and you can choose to receive it by check or Paypal transfer. The money is paid out every three months and the cash back percentage varies at each store, but can go up to approximately 25 percent. Plus, they run random deals super often featuring double cash back at various stores.

EbatesI can’t say enough good things about Ebates. It’s like free money on the things you were already buying. Plus, they keep an updated list of promo codes for each store, so like with Kohl’s, you can shop one of their numerous sales, use your promo code to get 15-30% off, get Kohl’s cash on your purchase and get Ebates cash back. Since joining Ebates in June 2012, I’ve received $323.89 via Ebates checks. That’s just cash back on the things I was already going to purchase. It really comes into play around the holidays when I’m doing a lot of the shopping online to avoid the in-store chaos. (Although my husband says I’m a hermit since I’d rather shop online than in store.)

Now if Zulily was one of the stores available via Ebates, I’d really be dangerous.

Update: They have Zulily. Oh gosh. This could get serious. Must step away from the computer…

I was not compensated for this review. I just love Ebates!

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