Birchbox, I hardly knew ye…

20140226_201844Last month, BirchBox was offering a promotion that was too good to pass up. (I’d post it here, but it has long since expired.) If you signed up for the $10/month subscription and used a promo code, you also got 100 BirchBox points, which is basically $10 in their store to purchase any full size product. Sounded like a great deal and I’d get to check out the subscription boxes you hear so much about.

20140226_202408My first box came last month and boy was I surprised. It was pretty fun to get something in the mail, (I can see why Buddy gets so hopped up over his BarkBox each month), but the box was tiny. I expected it to be big, like it looks in the photos, but it was about 7 1/2 inches long and 2 inches thick. Do what?!? Ok, so color me unimpressed. Inside was tea (have I mentioned I don’t care for tea), little travel size Frederic Fekkai shampoo and conditioner, a tiny little four-shadow eyeshadow palette and a perfume sample. Yeah, you could say there was some variety, but being somewhat of a free sample queen, I just couldn’t see the box adding up to its $10 price.

20140313_175535Completely unimpressed, expect for the joy of getting a surprise box in the mail, and undecided, I let my subscription continue for a second month. This month’s box was better, but still unimpressive. It was the same size and included a Jergens BB lotion and coupon (I do love coupons!), a super bright cheek/lip tint which I haven’t been brave enough to try yet, a rescue balm skin salve/lip balm, heat protectant spray/detangler and the tiniest bottle of mineral sunscreen you’ve ever seen. I think it might double as sunscreen for dolls. I mean that’s how small it is. So needless to say, I’m over it. I bailed on my subscription, briefly mourned the loss of my $20, and moved on.

I hear Ipsy is pretty fabulous, at least that’s what the ex-BirchBoxers are saying via Facebook, so I plan to check that one out. And bonus, even if you hate their products, they come in a different little makeup bag each month, so there’s that. Maybe Birchbox isn’t all that bad, and I invite you to try it for yourself and let me know what you think, but it just wasn’t for me. On to the next…

UPDATE: I just signed up for Ipsy and can’t wait to try it. Even the survey was better. I’ll post a review next month after I receive my first bag!

I was definitely not compensated for this BirchBox review and in fact, lost $20 in the process due to subscription costs. Blah.

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