What to do, what to do…

Ever since I finished my third 365 in December, I’ve been trying to decide what to do with my blog. Obviously, I decided not to go for 365 round four considering it’s March and this is the first time I’ve blogged all year. Instead, I think I’m going to try something different. I love crafting, trying new recipes, reviewing new products, bargain hunting and traveling. Those popular Pinterest things? Yep, I try them and no, I usually don’t have a #pinterestfail. New recipes? I’m game, although my husband likes to point out that I tend to try overly complicated things and then have a mini meltdown during them. As for reviewing new products, I belong to several tester groups in which I’ve tested everything from Claritin-D to Saute Express and yes, I love to share my opinions. Best part is, they usually send coupons to share and I love a good coupon, especially those little ones with the foil accents which means something is either big money off or free. Love it and I love to share the deals I find with all of my friends. Why pay more if you can pay less? (I feel like a certain shoe store is going to be using that one.) And paying less includes vacations. If they have a sale or you can get a deal, use it! Well, that my friends brings us full circle so check back to check out all of these new great things plus an occasional rant, because what’s a blog without a rant?

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