Tonight I shot the Homecoming parade and football game for work. I’ve shot parades before, but I never really get the chance to shoot football. I really liked it. There’s something fun about being on the sidelines snapping away. Granted I almost got taken out twice, but I managed to jump out of the way in time. The players come flying in and you have to decide to take the shot or save yourself. I did more of a snap and run. Get the photo but don’t risk breaking anything. And I actually found out that I’m pretty good at football photography. Who knew? I know what I’m giving you here is a photo of a photo but the idea of plugging my camera in was too much to deal with. I’ll save that for when I get back to work on Monday. I’m glad I ended up with this assignment since it’s out of my usual realm. I enjoy trying new things and challenging myself photographically. I always learn something new that I didn’t know before.


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