Do you recognize it? I’ll give you a hint. We left Maine this morning and spent the day in Salem, Massachusetts. Figure it out yet? It’s Allison’s house from Hocus Pocus, where they have the big Halloween party in the movie and the little girls fly off on the witches’ brooms. I love Hocus Pocus so seeing sites from the movie is pretty fun. We also found the Dennison House, which actually appears larger in the movie than it seems in real life. We haven’t found the school where they try to burn the Sanderson sisters in the kiln, but apparently it was an elementary school that closed the year after the movie was filmed and is now apartments/condos. And it wasn’t all Hocus Pocus stalking in Salem today. We also took the trolley tour, which gave a really good history of the area including the famous people who once lived there and we visited two witch trial museums and spent time in Pickering Wharf checking out the shops and boats. Tomorrow we’ll spend most of the day in Gloucester, taking a whale tour, which I’m really excited about, and also checking out the area, specifically stuff from “The Perfect Storm” and beaches/lighthouses. I’ve never actually seen “The Perfect Storm” so I’m going to have to Amazon it when I get home. And, of course, I think it’s time to pop in the Hocus Pocus DVD as well.


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