Today, Ron and I took advantage of some outlets in Freeport (basically the town L.L. Bean paid for) and then visited the Allagash Brewery. Ron did a tasting and then we took a tour and learned all about the beer making process, which was pretty interesting, even for a non-beer girl like me. For instance, did you know that it’s a common misconception that cooling down a beer and then heating it up will skunk it? Actually, light skunks beer and fairly quickly. The only bottles that help to block out light are brown bottles. Green, blue and of course clear all allow light in, thus allowing the beer to skunk. Today marks our last day in Maine. Tomorrow we head to Massachusetts, but we definitely want to come back. We’ve loved our visit and would really like to see Bar Harbor. And, I would really like to see a moose, in their natural habitat of course and not crossing the road in front of our car. I don’t know how Equi would feel about coming into contact with a moose. But tomorrow it’s Salem, Boston and Gloucester. I’m praying for safe travels and am feeling so blessed to take this trip. It’s nice to see and experience places that we’ve never been to before.


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