Birthday flowers! For my birthday yesterday Ron brought me home sunflowers. I think he’s a fan of them after we almost got kicked out of a local farm market operation for “touring” the sunflower field. Oops.




Happy birthday to me! Twenty-eight on the 28th. Freaky. And I had a massive ice cream cake to celebrate, thanks to Groupon. Ron made me dinner, and picked out my cake, along with some surprise sunflowers, but other than that, I didn’t really do anything for my birthday. I had to work today, but I’m off Friday and since Monday’s a holiday, I’ll have a nice long weekend to celebrate. Really I’m just excited to have a little break from work. Everyone loves a mini-vacation.




It’s almost time for everyone to head back to school. There’s only a few days of summer vacation left, as evidenced by this week’s convocation. Grab your pencils and books children because you’re about to begin another 180 days of classes.




I spent some time at Montpelier today for a work assignment, but how amazing is the view there? It’s beyond gorgeous. Of course, it didn’t hurt that the skies were a nice, sunny blue with big puffy, white clouds. Perfection.



My cousin got married this afternoon ina gorgeous wedding. The food was good, the drinks were good and the music was good. I’d call that a win-win. And his new bride was absolutely gorgeous and is such a wonderful, fun addition to the family. Congratulations Anthony and Laura. May you have many, many years of happiness.



I’m obsessed with this candle. I received a free sample of a Colonial Candle last year and I was hooked. They have a flagship store in Charleston near the market so I picked up a few when we visited in December. Then I ordered a couple online earlier this spring. I absolutely love them. They last a long time and smell great. I think the strawberry rhubarb is my favorite. I always like the fruity scents.



Buddy is such a tv watcher. He gets interested in whatever’s on and stares at it a while until he gets bored. Then he flops back down until something else comes on.



For dinner, Ron made a new recipe–chicken broccoli quinoa casserole. I love chicken and broccoli, but I can’t seem to embrace quinoa. I’ve tried it two different ways and there’s just something I don’t like about it. I think it tastes too earthy if that make sense. The dish wasn’t bad, but it was a little too much quinoa and sour cream. I’m definitely going to give it another try though. And I’m going to try to find a new quinoa use because I feel like if I could find a good recipe for it then I might like it.