It’s a really good thing they didn’t make these when I was younger because I would have had to have them all. I actually really want them now. I’m a Crayola kid. I always had to have Crayola. The off brand crayons just aren’t as good. I hate to hear parents make their children buy the crappy crayons. I’m beyond thrifty and a serious couponer, but it’s worth the few extra cents to buy good crayons. I still have my treasure chest of crayons with the special unnamed colors. Love! And of course I had the gemstone colors, the neons and a bunch of other specialty ones. I’m a nerd. I actually love all school supplies. I should have a job as a personal back to school shopper. Rather than screaming at your children in Target over pencils I’ll take them out and have a fabulous time. In the meantime, I’ll get my school supply fix by purchasing and donating supplies for a mission project geared towards homeless children. And yes, I did buy them Crayola instead of the cheapy stuff.


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