Well this is my new ride until my car gets fixed. Equi has some weird, random short somewhere in the speakers or radio where it will occasionally crackle and one speaker will go out. I took it to Radley, they replaced a speaker and thought it was fixed. That was two Mondays ago. It did it again. Took it back. They figured out it was some freak thing that has been seen in other Equinoxes so they ordered parts to fix it. The parts came in so I took it back yesterday morning. Parts weren’t right so they reordered. Took it back again this morning and the wrong parts came in again. So now they have it and I have this rental. I think they’re just as confused as I am so hopefully they’ll get the right parts in and fix it. It’s a 2011 so there really shouldn’t be any shorts anywhere. It’s not really costing me anything because it’s all being covered, but it is a hassle. I just hope they get it fixed soon because I love my car. But this Tahoe is pretty amazing. It has everything–leather seats, Bose speakers, a/c that can be set to a specifix temp, etc. I can see it being a future soccer mom vehicle.


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