Okay Comcast, let’s try this again. So after trading in our broken box only to receive another broken box, we traded again. Ron went to Comcast this afternoon to get a new box. He was really annoyed to find the customer service people laughing at an elderly woman who was complaining about her service. Then, when he tried to ask for a new box, the woman huffed and puffed, got one out, dropped it and tried to give it to him. I don’t think so. Needless to say he asked for another box. So we got this one. And after two calls to Comcast customer service to activate it, it works! Granted we lost all of our DVRed stuff when the first one broke so we’ll have to recreate season passes and whatever, but at least we finally got a box that works. And it seems to be a newer model so hopefully it won’t randomly die like the other one.


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