Why does Comcast waste time putting plastic on a used box? Our cable box kirked out Monday night and by Tuesday it still wasn’t working so we called customer service. We were told the box was broken, the fourth in less than three years, and to bring it back. Brought it back this afternoom and switched it out with this one in plastic and shock, this one is broken too. I absolutely can’t stand Comcast. You pay for a service and get nothing in return. Every customer service person you speak to says something different and none of it works. Then you have crappy equipment. Who gives someone a new broken box? Do they even make new boxes or do they just keep switching out the old ones and adding plastic to make them look new? So annoying!!!


One thought on “162.365.3

  1. ComcastMark says:

    I am sorry for the unacceptable experience. The boxes are tested to ensure they are working properly before they are issued to our customers. I’d like to know the full address of the local office where you picked the converter from. If it is not so much a trouble, will you email this information along with your best contact number? Please include a link to this page as a point of reference.


    National Customer Operations

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