Okay so I’ve been using the buzz sound on the alarm clock for several months, but it doesn’t wake me up. I can hear the buzzing in my dream so I’m running around turning off all these phones and clocks. Only when the buzzing doesn’t stop do I wake up. How long is the alarm going off before I wake up? I have no idea so I’m switching to music. Hopefully it’ll wake me up and I won’t be jamming in my dreams. I hope this happens to other people too and I’m not crazy. If this doesn’t work I’m going to have to get onw of those alarm clocks that rolls off the dresser and you have to hunt it down to turn it off. And no the cell phone doesn’t work. I sleep right through that thing.


One thought on “122.365.3

  1. Lucas Aylor says:

    It’s so funny you say that. When I used a buzzer alarm I somehow learned to turn it off in my sleep, and I would never wake up. On several occasions I vividly remember dreaming that I had to press some anti-doomsday button or the world would explode. Music works better if you use good music, if a bad song comes on you just turn it off and go back to sleep. Also, don’t get too into playing air drums when you first wake up, you will break a lamp…

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