My tulips I picked yesterday are looking great. I kept them fairly long so I can trim them later to make sure they’re getting plenty of water. Tulips drink a lot of water and fresh cut stems draw up more water which I’m hoping will help them live longer.



I finally made it back to the tulip festival. The last time I went was two years ago so I was excited to make it back and on the last weekend no less. There were still tons of tulips left for picking and the show garden was in full bloom. Everything was delayed because of the late snow last month so I’m sure that helped drag out the blooming time. Apparently the owners are going to replant the space with sunflowers and other flowers for summer picking so maybe I’ll make a trip back in a couple of months.



Okay so I forgot to snap a photo today. Well actually I snapped some on my camera, but forgot to upload them. So here’s a photo of my current activity. Watching tv before bed. Today was a long day with work and then a cookout with some friends at church. We’re starting to get a great young adult group which is awesome. Everyone is different with some who have young children and some, like Ron and I, who don’t. We all seem to get along really well and tonight we cooked out and played volleyball, cornhole and basketball. I think everyone had a great time which is nice.



I tried a new recipe for dinner tonight, well two actually. I made crispy baked chicken, gluten free of course, and potato slices with bacon bits and reduced fat cheese. Both were really good and I’ll probably save the recipes for future use.



Buddy and Ron were snoozing on the couch tonight post-Duck Dynasty while I was working on some photos. Buddy was asleep until I picked up my phone to snap a photo. He kept eyeballing me everytime I started to take the picture. I guess he wasn’t feeling very photogenic tonight.



It’s amazing how much stuff one closet can hold and this is probably only half of it. Before Ron and I left for the beach our closet fell again. If you’re counting, this was the third time. However, it seems to be getting less and less of a disaster each time it happens. Third time’s the charm so I’m hopeful that once it’s back up this time it’ll stay up. Plus I think Ron and our landlord (his dad) are getting real tired of putting it back up. Hopefully this will be the final install. And I’m seeing a yard sale in my future to thin out the herd of stuff that goes in it.



It’s Earth Day! In celebration, I made some Sodastream. I have to say though that the Cherry Cola flavor is a little weird. I keep trying new flavors, but I wish they made sample sizes so I don’t have to buy the full size mix to try a flavor. So far Dr. Perky and Cherry Cola aren’t that good, but Cola is pretty good and Ron said Energy tastes exactly like Red Bull. I don’t do energy drinks so I have no idea. There’s a ton more flavors I want to try though so I’ll pick up a new one next time I find them on sale. In the meantime, happy Earth Day!



Ron and I left the beach today and headed home, but not before we took one last look at the ocean. Today was much cooler, but sunny and very windy. The water was rough, but the beach is always so pretty in the sun. We’ll head back down again in August for a week, likely our next vacation unless we decide to take a weekend trip somewhere. It’s nice to be home though and back with Buddy and our families.




Today, Ron and I visited Hatteras and Ocracoke. The weather was kind of cloudy and rainy for the better part of the morning, so the ferry ride to Ocracoke was a little rough. Coming back it wasn’t too bad. We had lunch in Ocracoke, visited a few stores and checked out the ponies before heading back to Hatteras and stopping by the lighthouse. We also visited the Bodie Island Lighthouse later in the day. ┬áDespite the clouds and considerably cooler temperatures, we had a great day checking out the little towns all along the Outer Banks.