I could have sworn spring was coming, but then I wake up to this. What in the world? Wasn’t one March snow enough? Now we have two. I’m ready for warm weather. No more snow please, especially since I’m a dingdong who cleans off the windshield and windows, but never the top of the car. Lesson learned today. I was at a light when I noticed snow creeping down the windshield. No problem. I just used the wipers to break it up and get rid of it. Then, once I make the turn snow slides down and blocks my entire windshield! Because it was so heavy, the wipers wouldn’t move. I had to try to pull to the side of the road blind and clear it off enough to drive to a side road where I could pull in and clear it all off. That could have been a real disaster since it happened on a fairly busy road. Luckily, someone was looking out for me and I only got cussed by a Swanson man behind me. Lesson learned.

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