I shot a pageant tonight for work, my second consecutive year doing so, and I have to say I love it. It took me a couple shots to warm up and get my settings straight, but once I was on, I was on. And I love it! Moments like these really solidify my talent. I tend to self doubt, but going out and rocking an event gives me confidence in my work. Especially at something like this, where you’re dealing with stage lighting. This isn’t something you can go auto on. You really have to know what you’re doing and how to make your camera work in the situation. I’m a crazy over shooter, so I have 533 photos from the roughly two-hour event but I can say at least 90 percent of them are usable if not more. And that’s straight out of the camera. I feel like if I have to spend time editing a photo, I didn’t do my job correctly to begin with. A terrible photo isn’t going to become amazing by fiddling with it for an hour on the computer. It has to be great to begin with. Editing should be minor and should only add to the photo, not change it or “fix it.” This isn’t my favorite, but since they’re for work, I can’t really share my favorites. They would take up far too much space for one post anyway.



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