Anyone else feel like this mess has gone on for far too long? In case you’re not up on it, country singer Leann Rimes cheated on and subsequently divorced her husband Dean Shermet for Eddie Cibrian. He was also married at the time to Brandi Glanville, the mother of his two young children who is now a Real Housewife, and like Leann he left her. This all happened some years ago. Leann and Eddie are now married. But the gossip never ends. Get classy ladies. Yep, he cheated with her, but move on. Isn’t there such a thing as being classy and elegant? Take the high road and stay out of the magazines and off twitter. The internet never loses this stuff. Someday you’re children are going to read it. I think “celebrities” should undergo social network training aka how to not get into a Twitter spat. It’s embarassing. Write a memoir, make some cash and move on. And no I’m not someone who buys this made up/half-truth tabloid junk. I have a free subscription from filling out a survey on yogurt or something.

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