This is such a great movie. I waited for months for it to come out. It won the Oscar for Best Documentary in 2011, but it was never widely released until now. It’s a documentary about an inner city high school football team in Memphis. It’s about the team trying to rise above its reputation as a loser, typically going 0-10 each season. But it’s also about so much more than that. It’s about the team members themselves as they try to rise above their circumstances and make something of themselves despite the odds that are stacked against them. It’s definitely worth checking out.



The gluten free crackers are much better than the blueberry breakfast bars which are like eating clay. So far the gluten thing is going pretty well and I can definitely tell a difference stomach-wise. However, I find myself craving gluten. I want a big biscuit or fried chicken, but I can’t have those things in their traditional form. I can get some corn flour and make a biscuit or use corn flakes as the breading for fried chicken, but I can’t roll up in KFC and get a two-piece meal. Usually I wouldn’t even think to do that anyway, but I think not being able to do it actually makes me want to. Augh! Bring on the corn flour…



Ahh, tax season! I actually kind of like tax season just because I like to get it done. I don’t like to have it hanging over my head. It’s too much like procrastination and I hate to procrastinate. It always bites yoi in the end. You end up in a panicked rush trying to wrap something up that you had plenty of time to do. No thanks! So yeah, even though you can’t file until later this week or next month for some, I’ve already started working on my returns. I’m ahead of the game.



I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw this in a magazine today. It’s like a risque M&M photo shoot. I think my favorite is yellow though because he’s really selling it. It makes me wonder if they plan to do a play off of last year’s superbowl commercial this year. Remember the red one takes off his shell at a party because he sees brown and thinks she’s naked? It was arguably the best commercial during last year’s superbowl so it would make sense for them to do a variation of it again this year. I guess we’ll see next week.



Just because you go gluten-free it doesn’t mean that you can’t have foods you want. Welcome to Annie’s Gluten Free Mac and Cheese and Ray’s Gluten Free Fish Sticks. Basically, the mac and cheesd is rice pasta and the fish sticks have a cornflake coating instead of a coating using wheat. They both still taste good too, unlike the Glutino Blueberry Breakfast Bars that I tried earlier this week. They reminded me of Play-doh and not in a fun childhood memory way. Yuck!



It was back to the gym today for this girl. I hadn’t been since October. Call it laziness or just being busy, but I really slacked off after Ron and I’s big Sept-Oct vacation last year. I kept eating fairly well, but I stopped going to the gym and tracking my food so now I’m getting back to both. I’m back to using MyFitnessPal to keep track of food and exercise and tonight I went back to my old Step class. I really enjoyed it and I was suprised how well I remembered everything after not being there for months. I’m going to try to go again next week and hopefully add in some more classes and home workouts as well. I’ve got to get my uber-high cholesterol down before my retest in March.



Buddy’s new BarkBox came today. If you’re not familiar with BarkBox, it’s a mail order company which sends out boxes catering to dogs each month. Each box features a different variety of toys, treats and other dog-related items like shampoos and even the occasional cake mix. This is Buddy’s third box and he loves them. It’s like he knows the box is for him. This month’s box had an octopus toy, a bully stick and two different bags of treats.  So far, Buddy has tried the Superior Farms treats and he seemed to really like him. I think his favorite is the octopus though. It may have already lost a limb or two, which shows just how much he loves it. If you’re interested in BarkBox, check it out here. If you want to sign up, click here. Buddy will be happy you did, since he’ll get a free box added on to his subscription. Groupon also occasionally runs subscription deals, which is how Buddy got his subscription. They don’t have any specials right now, but I’d be surprised if they didn’t run one again at some point.