Santa came today. Ignore the camera since I ordered that in conjunction with Black Friday/Cyber Monday. I haven’t loaded the software yet, so I just tucked it under the tree to get it off the table. Ron, Buddy and I had a nice holiday, visiting with my parents and his family. Santa Paws came to Buddy and left his with pig ears and toys. My parents also gave him a sock monkey and another toy, which he loves. My parents gave me a Soda Stream, which I’m super excited about. I’ve been looking at them for quite a while, but couldn’t pull the trigger and buy one. I tend to visit things in stores over and over without buying. Call it a quirk. I can’t wait to start making my own soda. I’d say Ron’s favorite present was probably from his parents–a tub filled with fancy, off-the-wall beers. I hope everyone else had a great holiday and everyone also remembers that Christmas isn’t about presents, but about Christ and kindness and giving. The presents are a nice bonus, but its really all about spending time with loved ones and sharing kindness. Merry Christmas!



For about an hour or two this morning there was a white Christmas. I was at work and the snow was coming down, the first of the season. It was my kind of snow too. It looked pretty, but it didn’t stick and cause any problems.