There’s something fantastic about children’s Christmas plays. Each one usually features some variation of the Christmas story with wise men, kings, shepherds, Mary and Joseph, barnyard animals and angels. There’s always that child who doesn’t want to be there and the little animal that gets too restless for the stage. There’s also the Mary and Joseph who don’t really want to be associated with one another because of cooties or whatever, but they’ve found themselves stuck together playing the most influential couple in Biblical history. And that’s what it’s all about. Audience members aren’t looking for a Bette Midler, Oscar winning production. They’re looking to be entertained. They’re looking to see cute children in costumes that don’t fit quite right and restless toddlers in barnyard animal suits. It’s a parental photo op dream that will surely haunt these children later in life, perhaps showing up in a senior ad in their high school yearbook. So kudos to the children who are brave enough to put themselves out there. We’ve all been there and your children will be there as well. It isn’t about how well you delivered your lines or if you forgot the words to a song right in the middle of it; it’s about being a part of a tradition that came long before you and will continue long after you. It isn’t Christmas without the children’s Christmas play and each of you deserve a round of applause for being a part of it and making the effort to portray the Christmas story in a new way.




Okay so I’ve fallen way behind in ordering my Christmas cards, but I’m still determined to get them done. So this is a snippet from my evening. Yes, I dressed Buddy up in Christmas lights. No, he wasn’t harmed and he got lots of treats for posing so I really don’t think he minded the whole thing. And, despite the internet going in and out I was able to finally get my cards. Because of my procrastination I had to pay for rush shipping so I’m not mailing them in mid-January but at least they’re ordered. Now when they come I just have to make myself address them and mail them. We’ll see how it goes.