I think I may have found a new obsession. I’m a huge fan of Amazon; I’ve been buying stuff from them since they were basically a bookstore. With our two Kindles and my love of all things Amazon, we subscribe to Amazon Prime which, among other things, comes with free television episodes and movies, but also acts like a rental service ala Netflix. I wanted to make sure we take full advantage of the service since we pay for it so we ordered a Roku on Black Friday. We got a great deal and this thing is amazing. You plug it in, via HDMI or regular video, and it uses a wireless signal to transmit video to your TV. It works with Amazon Prime, July, Netflix, etc. I just hooked it up today and I’m already addicted. I can watch my old favorite shows for free like Dawson’s Creek and Felecity. Plus we can rent movies. It’s wonderful. I actually want to get another one to go on our bedroom TV. I have the 2XD in the living room for 1080p but the bedroom TV isn’t HD so the cheaper model could go in there. The 2XD is $59.99 right now (usually $79.99) on Amazon with a $10 credit to rent movies or shows via Amazon. I think the lower model is $39.99 if you’re interested.


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