Election Day is finally here! I hope everyone went out and voted. I’m so annoyed by people who say “I’m not voting because there’s nothing to vote for.” Are you kidding me? Vote for your future children so that they may leave in a kind world that nurtures them and their interests. Vote for the woman down the street who was left with three kids when her husband died in Iraq. Vote for the small business owner who is struggling to keep his dream alive. Vote for the veterans who gave of themselves to defend our freedom. Vote because you can without fear of being beheaded or shot. If nothing else, vote so you can whine and complain over the next four years because if you don’t, then you don’t have that right. I can’t believe so many take for granted a freedom that people die for. As Andy Cohen would say, “Susan B. Anthony didn’t bust her ass so you can sit on yours.” And please, do us all a favor and don’t say things like, “I’m going to move if this election doesn’t go my way.” We all know you’re not going anywhere. Shut it up.


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