Now I’m not usually one to turn down free stuff, but I have to admit this one is weird. The Tea Party Patriots sent me a DVD and a copy of the Constitution in the mail, unsolicited of course. I’m not entirely sure which candidate they support since usually tea partiers are extreme Republicans but this seemed a little more left leaning. I got all of that from the packaging of course as there’s no way I’m going to sit and watch two hours of political propaganda. I’m pretty much over the election. I’m sick of the phone calls, emails, mailers and debates. I’d like to watch TV again without being bombarded by political ads, most of which are total crap. Seriously, check them out on politifact.com. The site tests the truth about what’s said in the ads and by candidates, without any preference as to political party. Can’t we just vote now and put an end to it all?


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