“Underemployed” is such a current topic, I’m surprised this is the first show to highlight it. As a whole, my generation is underemployed with crazy student loan debt and terribly crappy job market. Like in the show, we all go to college with the dream of “world domination” but it doesn’t work that way. Students are fed a promise of going to college and having an amazing job right after, but in this economy it doesn’t happen. Many of us are unemployed and those who aren’t are working jobs we might not like for way less money than we’d like in order to pay the school loans we have. Some are even working multiple jobs. This isn’t what we were fed. Where’s the presidential candidate that will look out for us? Why is that if I had 50 kids at 18 my school would be paid for? How is that fair? I realize that there are people out there in unforeseeable circumstances that need extra help. But what about those of us who are helping ourselves but could use a little bit of extra help? There are young teachers fresh out of college who teach kindergarten by day and bag groceries by night to pay the bills. It just doesn’t seem right. That’s not the dream we were sold.

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